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You must be level 30 or higher with 2nd job advancement to learn a profession.

  • There are two harvesting professions: Herbalism and Mining.
  • There are three crafting professions: Alchemy, Smithing, and Accessory Crafting.
  • Learning Herbalism is a requirement before you can learn Alchemy.
  • Learning Mining is a requirement before you can learn Smithing or Accessory Crafting.
  • After learning a profession, you can unlearn it through that profession's master. Your level of mastery in that profession will return to zero if you choose to unlearn it.
  • Herbalism allows you to gather seeds and flowers which are located in Saffron’s Secret Herb Patch in Ardentmill and some hunting maps. It also allows you to use those to create items needed for Alchemy.
  • Mining allows you to gather ores which are located in Cole’s Secret Mine in Ardentmill and some hunting maps. It also allows you to refine ores to create items needed for Smithing and Accessory Crafting.
  • Alchemy allows you to create buff potions and transformation potions using herb oil.
  • Smithing allows you to create weapons and armor using refined ore. You can eventually learn how to make an Android companion.
  • Accessory Crafting allows you to create equipment items such as rings, pendants, and shoulder accessories using refined ore.
  • Using your profession earns you experience in that profession in order to raise its mastery level. Higher levels of mastery enable you to harvest or craft better items.
  • Some items for further crafting can't be made. Some can be bought from Nack, Ramsey, or Angelica in Ardentmill, others are dropped by monsters.
  • The Production Skill menu is set to the [B] key by default.

You will gain Fatigue Points while performing profession skills. If your Fatigue Point meter fills up, you won't be able to use profession skills again for a little while. You can reduce your Fatigue points by using certain potions sold by Nack in Ardentmill or by using a Fatigue Reset Coupon from the Cash Shop but there is a 30 minute cooldown between potions. Your Fatigue Points will also reduced by 20 each hour, and they will be completely reset to 0 each day at 12 AM Pacific.

  • Grant is the village elder, who allows you to learn professions.
  • Saffron teaches Herbalism.
  • Cole teaches Mining.
  • Ally teaches Alchemy.
  • Gere teaches Smithing.
  • Intaglio teaches Accessory Crafting.

Each profession has a few associated profession-exclusive quests. The second quest for each gathering profession allows you to get an 8-slot bag for that profession. For example, herbalists can get an 8-slot bag that will hold herbs and seeds, but not ores. Note: you can only get one 8-slot bag (Herbalism or Mining), not the other. For items above craft level 8, there is 15min cooldown between same item craft and 5min for alchemy potions. Mastery is lost every hour after the allowed window rest period if you did not craft, at level 10 and above but craft level will not decrease below level 10. You can also earn traits EXP.

For more details on Traits, see MapleStory/Traits.

Mastery exp[edit]

  • You get mastery for everything you craft and harvest. You get mastery into herbalism or mining for every herb or vein harvested respectively, and 20 mastery for every oil or plate/crystal made. Note that if you fail to harvest, it will give you 10% of the usual mastery.
  • Success rate of harvesting increases with level, but the mastery received decreases (higher level herbs/veins give more mastery).
  • Max level for herbalism and mining is 10.
Additional details
  • You get mastery for crafting potions/items into alchemy/blacksmithing/accessory crafting, whichever you chose to be.
  • Mastery increases for crafting higher leveled stuff, but it has lower success rate. Premium rate increases with level and this allows higher stat items as a result.
  • For crafting lower leveled stuff you get less mastery.
  • For accessory and smithing, success rate is 95% for craft level 5-8 at the same level as your craft level (crafting level 5 items at level 5, etc.) and 90% for level 9-10. This success rate increases to 100% when your level is at least 21 higher than the targeted equipment level crafted or when your craft level exceeds the optimal craft level stated.
  • For alchemy, success rate is 95% for level 5-8 and 90% for level 9. Success rate increases to 100% when your craft level exceeds optimum craft level stated or when you are level 10 or more.
  • To gain mastery past level 10, you need to craft items suitable for level 8 or more. They will give increased mastery than previously before level 10. However each item has a 5 minute cooldown (alchemy) or 15 minute (smithing, accessory). Master Craftsman and Meister items have a longer cooldown which varies across items, so you have to craft a variety of items to gain more mastery simultaneously.
  • For 17 hours after your latest craft which gains mastery, if you did you craft you lose 400 mastery per hour thereafter for above level 10, till you are at level 10, 0 mastery or when you have crafted something which gives mastery, then the timer will reset. So keep crafting to maintain your Master Craftsman or Meister level.
  • Max level for alchemy, smithing and accessory crafting is Meister (Level 12).

Craft level Mastery required
1 250
2 600
3 1050
4 1600
5 2250
6 3000
7 3850
8 4800
9 5850
10 45000
Master Craftsman (11) 160000


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It is a town where you go to in order to craft items such as equipments, special potions, herb oils and plates. There are secret gardens and mines available there, but you need to buy a ticket from Nack. You can buy molds, abrasives, herb oil bottles and potion bottles from him. The other 2 NPC beside the storage sells recipes. It is accessible through most towns.


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Herbalism lets a character gather herbs. After getting this skill, you will receive a shovel that is required to collect herbs. Herbalism can only be paired with Alchemy.


Herbalism nodes look like small stems growing out of the ground. When nearby, their names appear underneath. The available nodes in GMS are:

  • MS Silver Herb.pngSilver Herb (Marjoram Seed/Marjoram Flower)
  • MS Magenta Herb.pngMagenta Herb (Lavender Seed/Lavender Flower)
  • MS Blue Herb.pngBlue Herb (Rosemary Seed/Rosemary Flower)
  • MS Brown Herb.pngBrown Herb (Mandarin Seed/Mandarin Flower)
  • MS Emerald Herb.pngEmerald Herb (Lemon Balm Seed/Lemon Balm Flower/Peppermint Flower)
  • MS Gold Herb.pngGold Herb (Jasmine Seed/Jasmine Flower)
  • MS Aquamarine Herb.pngAquamarine Herb (Tea Tree Seed/Tea Tree Oil)
  • MS Red Herb.pngRed Herb (Chamomile Seed/Chamomile Flower)
  • MS Black Herb.pngBlack Herb (Patchouli Seed/Patchouli Flower)
  • MS Purple Herb.pngPurple Herb (Juniper Berry Seed/Juniper Berry Flower/Hyssop Flower)
  • MS Gold Flower.pngGold Flower (randomly spits out several randomed refined oils, Item pot items, and Herb Roots)


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Mining lets a character gather ores and gems. After getting this skill, you will receive a pickaxe that is required to mine. Mining can only be paired with Accessory Crafting or Smithing.


Mining nodes look like crystals jutting out from the ground. When nearby, their names appear underneath. The available nodes in GMS are:

  • MS Silver Vein.pngSilver Vein (Silver Ore/Steel Ore)
  • MS Magenta Vein.pngMagenta Vein (Orihalcon Ore/Amethyst Ore)
  • MS Blue Vein.pngBlue Vein (Sapphire Ore/Steel Ore)
  • MS Brown Vein.pngBrown Vein (Bronze Ore/Adamantium Ore)
  • MS Emerald Vein.pngEmerald Vein (Emerald Ore/Mithril Ore/DEX Crystal Ore)
  • MS Gold Vein.pngGold Vein (Gold Ore/Topaz Ore)
  • MS Aquamarine Vein.pngAquamarine Vein (Aquamarine Ore/Diamond Ore)
  • MS Red Vein.pngRed Vein (Power Crystal Ore/Garnet Ore)
  • MS Black Vein.pngBlack Vein (Black Crystal Ore/Dark Crystal Ore)
  • MS Purple Vein.pngPurple Vein (Wisdom Crystal Ore/LUK Crystal Ore/Lidium Ore)
  • MS Heartstone.pngHeartstone (randomly spits out several randomed refined ores, Item pot items, and Ore Fragments)

Accessory Crafting[edit]

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You can craft rings, belts, earrings and accessory equipments. As you level higher it has more chance of adding more stats than usual or giving item potential. At Master Craftsman level, you can craft more powerful master equips. Flame of resurrection is possible (adds better stats than those dropped by monsters.) At Meister level you can craft meister equips. Ultimate flame is possible to craft. (Gives maximum stats, but has 1% chance of destruction.)


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You can craft healing potions, transform potions, buff potions and special potions. Extractors can be crafted for people of other professions to use it to extract their equipments. However they will need to pay you based on the price you set. At master craftman you can craft even rarer and special potions. 8 slot coin bag and 8/10 slot herb/mine bags are craftable as well as scroll extractor. at meister you can craft super rare and special potions. 10 coin bag and 12 herb/mine bag is craftable along with the cube extractor.


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Smithing lets characters craft equipment, such as arrows, armor, and weapons. At master craftman level you can craft master equipments. Master cube is craftable. At meister level you can craft meister equips. Meister cube is craftable.