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MS Temple of Time Icon.png Before taking on Pink Bean, the player must complete a series of quests in order to progress through Time Temple which all involve taking out 333 of a certain mob in a certain area in addition to killing the Area Boss there once. Once this is all done, the Player can progress deeper into the Time Temple until reaching the very end. This bossfight is designed in a similar manner to Ergoth and his statues. However unlike Ergoth, this bossfight contains 6 phases.

Phases 1 to 5 involves in killing the statues while Pink Bean is untouchable. Pink Bean can buff the statues and cast unfriendly buffs on you when he 'plays'. When you reach Phase 6, Pink Bean starts getting serious directly attacking you.

With each phase, it is highly recommended that the whole party focuses on one statue before moving off to the other rather than dividing efforts in killing all the statues.

  • There are 2 modes to this: Normal and Chaos.

Phase 1[edit]

By 'speaking' to the NPC Kirsten in the bossroom, Phase 1 begins with Solomon the Wise being the only boss able to attack you. It has 300,000,000 HP in normal mode and 4,200,000,000 HP on chaos mode. Solomon the Wise has three attacks:

  • A lightning attack that can Seal
  • An attack that can reduce your HP/MP to 1 and Stun
  • Slams its staff into the ground dealing physical damage and inflicting Slow.

Once Solomon the Wise is defeated, Phase 2 begins.

Phase 2[edit]

Once Phase 2 begins, Solomon the Wise is revived and Rex the Wise becomes active. The party must wipe out both before being able to continue. Wiseman Rex has 300,000,000 HP in normal mode and 4,200,000,000 HP in chaos mode. Wiseman Rex has three attacks and one skill:

  • A lightning attack that can inflict Darkness
  • An attack that can reduce your HP/MP to 1 and Zombify
  • Slams its staff into the ground dealing physical damage and inflicting Poison.
  • Can use Dispel that also gives the Confuse buff (the one that muddles up keyboard).

It is advisable to take down Rex the Wise before taking down Solomon the Wise as he can be more dangerous due to his 'Zombify' buff and his 'Dispel' skill. Bishops also need to be wary when the Zombify buff is cast as their Heal can most likely KO many of their team mates.

Once both of these statues are down, Phase 3 begins.

Phase 3[edit]

This time, both Wisemen will be revived and the Hugin statue will be joining the fight. Hugin has 300,000,000 HP in normal mode and 8,400,000,000 HP in chaos mode. Hugin is a fire based statue, making it resistant to fire and weak to ice. It has two attacks and six skills:

  • Inflicts fire based damage with Slow
  • Deals an AoE attack (which can be recognized by markers on the ground) that can Stun.
  • Can cast Physical, Magical, and all Damage Reflect
  • Can also cast Seal, Weakness, Physical Attack and Magic Defense up.

It is suggested to take out Solomon the Wise and Hugin first before moving onto Rex the Wise, since Hugin cannot cast Damage Reflect as long as you stand behind Solomon.

Once all three of the statues are defeated, Phase 4 begins.

Phase 4[edit]

The three statues defeated earlier have once again been revived and now the Munin statue joins in. Munin has 300,000,000 HP in normal mode and 8,400,000,000 HP in chaos mode. Munin is Hugin's ice based counterpart, making it fire weak and ice resistant. It has two attacks and 2 skills:

  • Inflicts ice based damage with Darkness
  • Has a physical attack that inflicts the Reverse Key debuff (or the Crazy Skull buff)
  • Can cast Seduce
  • Can cast Mapban, a skill that boots a player out of the room rendering them to reenter the room.

Take out Munin and Rex first before moving on to take down the rest since Munin cannot cast Seduce as long as you stand behind Rex.

Once all four statues are defeated, phase 5 begins.

Phase 5[edit]

Once again, the 4 statues that were defeated earlier has revived again and now, the goddess statue Ariel joins in. She has 600,000,000 HP in normal mode and 4,200,000,000 HP in chaos mode. Ariel is the strongest of all the statues and is resistant to fire, ice and lightning, as well as immune to holy, making poison the only element able to harm it. Ariel has 6 different skills:

  • Healing HP and MP
  • Can cast Zombify and Dispel
  • Can summon a Poison Fog
  • Can cast super weapon and magic defense up.
  • Genesis, rotating markers on the ground show where they launch, genesis cannot hit the top platform.
  • Damage Reflect (Chaos mode only)
  • Pulling you to the center of the map (Chaos mode only)

Take out Munin and Rex first so that you won't have to deal with seduce. Afterward, take out Ariel next as her debuffs can get in the way. Once she's down, go for Hugin and Solomon.

Once all 5 statues are defeated, phase 6 begins.

Phase 6[edit]

This time, the statues won't be revived and now Pink Bean himself joins the battle. Pink Bean is strong to Physical, Fire, Ice and Holy rendering Poison and Lightning the only element that are effective. It has 2,100,000,000 HP in normal mode and 4,200,000,000 HP in chaos mode. However, Chaos Pink Bean revives 13 times, making his total HP 58,800,000,000. Pink Bean has a total of 4 attacks and many different skills:

  • Can cast a fullscreen AoE skill that resembles an upside down version of Genesis, which can deal whopping damage.
  • Can cast a skill that resembles Bishop's Big Bang skill.
  • Can attack with a megaphone that rains treble clef notes on nearby players.
  • Can slam its tail summoning Mini Bean-like projectiles shooting up at players.
  • Can cast Zombify and Damage Reflect.
  • Can transform you into a clone of itself (Chaos mode only)
  • Can summon mini beans. They have 151,000 HP in normal mode and 800,000,000 HP in chaos mode.