Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories/Sora/World Card Set 1

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The first of the cards sets is World Card Set. This set includes Agrabah, Olympus Coliseum, Wonderland, Monstro, and Halloween Town.

Castle Oblivion[edit]

Upon leaving Traverse Town, Sora, Donald, and Goofy are confronted by a mysterious figure. The trio readies for a fight when Axel, a member of the organization, appears and challenges Sora.

Boss Battle: Axel I[edit]

Axel using his Fire Wall sleight.

HP: 1/2 Bar


  • Fire Wall
  • Chakram Throw
  • Attack

Axel is the second boss of this game. Two bosses in quick succession might seem difficult, but Axel is really just a big pushover. He has the health of one part of Guard Armor, so he is easily taken down. The real problem, if any, are his attacks. Axel is the first opponent that will use sleights against you, but will not be the last. One sleight that he likes to throw out is Fire Wall, an attack that does what it says, creates a flame wall that slowly creeps toward you. To dodge this, break it with a 0 card or a sleight of your own. You can even Dodge Roll through it without getting burned. Chakram Throw really isn't a special attack, but is a normal card attack. It is pretty fast, so countering it may be a problem. Ice magic is a good idea to use if you can hit him, but watch out since he is pretty fast. Axel does not move like Sora does, running around, he teleports like crazy all over the place. Keep battering him down until you defeat him. Remember to heal when necessary.


  • 55 exp.
  • Fire magic card

Castle Oblivion[edit]

After defeating Axel, Sora obtains the first set of world cards, the cards like the map cards, but instead of specific rooms, decide the next world to choose. Head toward the door and go to Castle Oblivion, Second Floor. When there, another cutscene will occur. After the cutscene, move toward the spherical blue shape. The game explains the concept of floor warping, which will be needed later in the game if the player wishes to obtain more cards and rarer cards.

The possible choices for the second set of world cards are:

You can pick any one. This guide will then reflect when you choose by explaining the map, enemies, and items on each level. However, the HPs and EXPs drops of enemies cannot be reflected accurately at this point. Following any course you desire is fine, but we shall go in the order listed above.