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Welcome to the Ancient City! This bonus level is a fun minigame that drops you in a sandbox full off famous landmarks. Your goal is to collect 1,000,000 studs as quickly as possible, but you can't keep the studs unfortunately. Stud multipliers are disabled, so you must interact with every last thing in the city to reach the stud goal!

  • Method of Unlocking: Collect every artifact from any 12 levels.

Note: due to the non-linear nature of this level, it will be split into several areas defined by its environment.

The rocky desert[edit]

Starting off, switch to an explosives user and destroy the building the three men are standing on. Kill them as well to get their studs. Now head west toward the tropical pond. Destroy all the plants and deck furniture around the pond to get parts. Don't worry about gathering studs, as they will instantly be added to the counter as soon as you destroy the objects. Be sure to kill the crocodile in the pond as well for more studs. Once you have cleared the area around the pond, you can use the parts to build a flying machine.

Go east to enter the desert. All of the rocks can be destroyed here, as well as the plants and barrels. Hit every last object so you don't miss any studs. The dirt mound on top of the obvious panel on the floor yields several parts when destroyed. Use the parts to build piles of dirt around the panel, which can also be destroyed. The bottom dirt pile leaves behind several crystals, which you must put into the blue box nearby. Next, turn the nearby crank to open up the floor panel, revealing some terracotta soldiers below. Destroy them as well for studs.

Take the blue box from before and place it on the carriage at the end of the track. Grab the torch and use it to ignite the carriage's propulsion engine, causing it to move down the tracks, blowing up when the track ends for some more studs. As you venture further west to the corner of the stage, there is a broken lever. There are three flashing plants nearby that you can dump into the juicer next to the lever. Doing so activates the lever, which gives you a never-ending supply of juice bottles when pulled. North of the juice stall is a guard post. Greet the guard as a character with an enemy disguise to gain access to the studs inside, as well as several grenades.

Cross country biking[edit]

You've probably past two motorbikes while exploring the eastern desert. As soon as you jump on a bike, a trail of studs will appear. Follow the studs to reach the western desert, where a rally track is situated. Keep following the studs and pass through all five checkpoints to open up a panel in the ground. Under it are parts to build an "L", the first letter of LEGO. Then, destroy the loose soil in the pit to find a crawlspace. Crawl through it to reach a locked chamber with more studs to collect.

From the L, head south and destroy the ruins. One of the ruined buildings still standing requires explosives to bring down. There is also a tiled floor that can be completed to earn you more studs. After clearing the area of pillars, you may notice some holes in the ground and an area of the floor that is lighter than the rest. You can destroy the floor here to find parts to build a "G", another letter in LEGO.

Go west some more and grab the dynamite on the ground. Look for a blue chute nearby that indicates you can drop the dynamite into it. Do so, and the explosion will cause the ground nearby to collapse. Clear the discolored ground near chute to find parts to build the nearby dinosaur's tail. Then, use the parts below the fossil to assemble its ribs. Now head to the large hole you've created with the dynamite. It's not completely cleared out, so destroy any extra chunks of ground until there are none left. Use the blocks in the hole to build a dinosaur's skull. Finally, carry the skull over to the fossil and carefully walk up its spine. Place the skull on the head of the fossil to get a load of studs.

Now head to the middle of the rally track. There is an oil rig here. Attack the oil barrels for more studs, then use a wrench to fix the oil rig. Use the wrench again to increase the oil rig's speed, causing it to explode and expose a pit of oil below it. Use the blocks inside the oil pit to assemble the letter "E". One more letter to go for you to complete the word "LEGO". Head north to the corner of the world and switch to Indy. Whip swing over the gap, then switch to a female character to grab the three studs here, swinging back after you're done. As a female character again, jump up to the ledge with a golden stud. Head into the hole to uncover a hidden room with hieroglyphs detailing an ancient sport. Use explosives or Willie's scream to break the glass panels covering the drawings.

Exit out of the chamber and head east. There is a sandy structure here. Destroy the blocks covering the chute and crawl in as a short character. You will emerge on a ledge with a lever. Pull it to cause studs to rain out of a wall panel, destroying a grey platform beside the sand structure. Head below the wall panel and use the pieces to assemble the Sphinx on top of the sand structure. Head to the west and step on both red switches to tip the Sphinx's head over, causing it to roll over and topple the Moai head nearby, getting you a ton of studs.

The grassland[edit]

Head east into the grassy area. Take out the bandits, then start destroying everything in your vicinity. The trees, the fence, the moss on the wall and the building the monkeys are standing on can all be obliterated with your attacks. Use a shovel to dig a hole into the building's foundation, where you will find parts to build the letter "O", the last letter of "LEGO".

Head to the Stonehenge and destroy it like everything else. Between the Stonehenge is another patch of lightly-colored ground. You can destroy them all to make another hole, revealing a mysterious crashed UFO underneath. Near the Stonehenge are several seeds. Sow the seeds to make them grow into flowers, giving you studs. After that, move to the rickshaw and start hauling it. Follow the trail of studs that appear to reach your final destination.

There is a windmill here with a crank in its back. Push the crank to rotate it counter-clockwise, causing the windmill to blow away some sand on the wall, exposing Petra obscured underneath. Destroy the discolored ground around the entrance, then go down into the building. Inside is a ton of studs to bring your total amount up higher.

It's time for the finale. Back outside, keep pushing the windmill until it is facing the north wall. It will blow away the sand, revealing a faint mural on the wall. Use the tiles littered below the wall to complete the mural, causing the rest of the sand to fall off, and revealing the huge LEGO logo! If you've followed the walkthrough completely, destroyed every object and enemy, and interacted with every point of interest, you'll now have enough to finish this level!