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Our heroes finally make it to the end of the tracks. However, they still have a tunnel ahead before reaching the exit, and a torrent of water threatens to flush them out!

  • True Adventurer: 80,000 studs
  • Characters Obtained: None
  • Unlocked Characters in Library: British Commander, British Office, British Soldier, Mola Ram
  • Artifact: Ceremonial Headdress
  • Parcel: Regenerate Hearts

Outrunning the wave[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 1 and 2

This segment of the level plays out similar to the boulder chase scene from the first, except that you're still safe even if you get swept up by the water. However, if you want to collect the chest and extra studs in this tunnel, you must make it to the end in one try, as getting engulfed by the wave will thrust you straight into the next section of the level. If you do choose to beat the wave, watch out for the manholes and blocked openings in the walls, as water will gush out of them when you pass by. There are also some instant-death lava pits that you must avoid falling into. While getting killed won't end the level prematurely, it gives enough time to let the wave catch up to you while you respawn.

Climbing the cliff[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 3 and 4

Whether you successfully get to the end or was caught in the water, you will still end up with your characters separated on a cliff face. Now you must reunite Indy with Willie and Short Round. First, as Short Round, climb the vine nearby to get to a higher ledge, then crawl through the chute to a small room in the cliff. Grab the key there and crawl back out, then put the key in the crank nearby. Turn the crank to extend a bridge above the newly-created waterfall. Now, switch to Indy and simply have him swing to another ledge, then climb the vine. Jump from the vine to another high ledge, then walk across the bridge to join Willie and Short Round.

With Indy on the ledge across the bridge, use the whip to pull the lever, causing the boulder on it to tumble down and shatter into LEGO blocks. Use the blocks to create handrails, letting all three of you climb to the highest ledge. Grab onto the vine there and jump up to reach the cliff top! Walk north down the path to reach the next area.

Booby-trapped path[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 5, 6, 7 and 8

Be careful where you move along this path, as it is full of spike pits covered by leaves. The location of the pits are quite obvious, but some will have studs on top of them to try to lure you to falling into certain death. The leaves that cover the pit does give you quite a lot of studs, and you can safely destroy them by punching them. Maneuver around the pits until the path widens. The Thuggees will now try to kill you more actively, sending an endless stream of warriors to fight you. As you might have learned before, the white-shirted Thuggees drop hats that you can wear to activate Thuggee statues. You should get one for both Willie and Short Round, as doing so is required to advance.

As Willie, jump to the lowest Thuggee statue and pray to it to make a green object appear near the statue. Take the object to the mechanism to the left of the skull gate. Place the green object below the green-eyed skull to partially open the gate. Then, have Indy pull down the ladder to the middle statue with his whip. Have a character wearing a turban to climb up the ladder and pray at the Thuggee statue, which will make a blue object appear. Take the blue object and place it in the middle of the mechanism, to the left of the green object. Finally, grab the shovel near the mechanism and use it to dig up a monkey bust to the right of the ladder. Destroy the bust and use the bricks from it to make a chute for Short Round to crawl through. Do so, then pray to the right Thuggee statue to make a red object appear. Take the red object and place it below the red-eyed skull on the mechanism to fully open the gate.

Treacherous stone pillars[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 9 and 10, Parcel

There is a huge chasm below you that you must cross by jumping on to the many stone pillars in this section. Falling off is instant death, so be careful and precise with your jumps. You can use the shadow of your character to see where you will land. If you're confident in your jumping abilities, there are a lot of studs located on many of the pillars, some off the main path. To proceed, land on the wide stone platform and use the whip to pull down the balcony across the gap. Jump back to the stone pillars and follow the pillars closer to the cliff wall to reach a ledge where the collapsed balcony rests, letting you climb to the alcove it hangs from.

From the alcove, use the handrails to jump to another series of stone pillars. Here, there is a bridge that lets you cross to the other end of the chasm, but it is currently held back by two boulders that you have to destroy. Have Indy whip swing to the left one to attack it, while Short Round can crawl through the chute that leads to the alcove where the right boulder is located. The bridge will unfold across the gap, and while it doesn't reach all the way to the wide stone platform, you can at least jump to it.

There is quite a few more things to do before you can advance. While there is a hole hidden by some leaves to the right of the bridge, you can't do anything much down there in Story Mode. Instead, focus on opening the gate. First, destroy the grass around the crawlspace and have Short Round crawl through it, then jump across the handrails to grab on to the rope. Then, have Willie jump up to reach the left rope, causing a skull button to rise up from a hole in the ground. Switch to Indy and step on the switch to open the gate, letting you proceed to the final fight of this story.

Boss: Mola Ram[edit]

The group of three have to cross a rickety rope bridge, but are cornered by Mola Ram and his men! Now you must fight off groups of Thuggees while trying to take down Mola Ram. Defeat the Thuggees and run toward the left to initiate a fight with Mola Ram. He is very strong, in that your attacks doesn't even seem to hurt him, and he will even knock you dizzy with a few attacks! Whenever one of your characters are incapacitated, immediately switch to another character to attack Mola Ram to finally take a heart off him.

Mola Ram will flee from battle temporarily while sending more Thuggees at you. With him injured, the dark magic that protects the yellow anchors of the rope bridge are removed. You must defeat a Thuggee holding a sword and pick up that sword, then throw it at any one of the four bridge anchors to break them. Mola Ram will rejoin the fight, activating the protective magic around the anchors once again. Injure him like before, then grab and throw the sword of one of the Thuggees at another one of the anchors. Repeat this until all of the anchors are taken out, where Mola Ram will try to fight you one last time...

With the bridge severely weakened, it collapses from the weight of all the people standing on it. Indy, Willie and Short Round manages to hold on to the bridge, next to Mola Ram. After a short fight clinging to the bridge, Indy knocks Mola Ram into the crocodile-infested river below, where he is met with an unfortunate end. Our heroes succeed in climbing back up, and celebrate their triumphant victory!

With the children of the village freed, Indy can now complete the last half of his mission: returning the sacred stone to the village. As it rests in its rightful place, the arid surroundings of the village is restored back to its former glory, with flowers and trees thriving all around.

Artifact list[edit]

  1. (Free Play only) At the character selection screen, be sure to pick an explosives wielder as your lead character. As soon as the level starts, you must instantly turn around and destroy the shiny metal gate behind you. Be quick to grab the chest inside, or else you'll be flushed out.
  2. The chest is right in your path when running from the gushing water, but you must get to the very end of this section without getting caught in the water to collect it.
  3. From where you start out as Indy after exiting the tunnel, simply drop down to the ledge on the right to collect it. Pull the lever at the right part of the ledge to activate an elevator that will take you back up.
  4. (Free Play only) Use a short character to enter the caged cave above the waterfall, where the key is. Switch to a digger and use your shovel to unearth the chest inside.
  5. (Free Play only) Along the path with the spike pits, there is a hieroglyph panel that you can decipher with a scholar. Doing so will cause pillars to rise out of the ground, forming steps to reach a high wooden platform with the chest and a rare purple stud.
  6. The sixth chest is hidden in the second-to-last pit that you come across. Don't worry about getting impaled by spikes, as the pit that holds the treasure is absolutely safe to fall into.
  7. At the end of the spike pit road, there is an orange button at the back of the scene. Use the shovel near the Thuggee statues to excavate a blue vase from the dig spot nearby, then place the vase on the button. After a while, flowers will grow from the vase, and you can destroy it for another chest.
  8. This chest is lazily hidden behind a big rock next to the Thuggee statues. Its glow will give away its location.
  9. From the first series of stone pillars, keep jumping on the pillars toward the screen. The chest is located on the pillar south of the one with the purple stud.
  10. Once you've crossed the entire pillar jumping section, there is a patch of grass near the gate. Walk around to make flowers pop up. Make all the flowers pop up at once to form a smiley face, spawning a chest in the middle of the patch.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

This parcel can only be obtained in Free Play. After crossing the stone pillar section, before the gate to the boss battle, look for a hole in the ground with foliage around it. Fall into the hole, then take out the spiders there. Both the mailbox and the parcel can be found in here. First, use an explosives wielder to destroy the metal plates on the wall, revealing a hidden alcove with a box of parts and a sword. Put the box on the green spot on the floor. Next, take the sword and throw it at the suspended cage to sever the chains holding the cage, making it drop down and open up. Take the box of parts inside and place it on the remaining green spot. You can now make a mailbox out of the parts. Finally, use a digger to unearth the parcel from the glowing spot, and mail it away! This parcel contains Regenerate Hearts, which passively restores your health over time. It's quite handy in levels like this one where you must continuously fight off many enemies.