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As they continue to watch the ritual, Indy notices the Thuggees taking three stones and putting it inside the giant Thuggee statue. Could one of them be the stone stolen from the village? Before they can ponder further, Willie is suddenly kidnapped! Now Indy and Short Round must navigate this treacherous subterranean temple to find her.

  • True Adventurer: 50000 studs
  • Characters Obtained: Indiana Jones (Kali)
  • Unlocked Characters in Library: Chatter Lal (Thuggee), Thuggee, Thuggee Acolyte
  • Artifact: Jewel Eyed Skull
  • Parcel: Super Scream

Across the lava pit[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

As soon as you drop down from the alcove, you will immediately be attacked by several Thuggees. Take them out, then climb down the ladder. Defeat more Thuggee guards, then rebuild the ladder in the small cave nearby. Use it to climb up to the alcove, then push the statue down. Build some crank parts out of the debris, then carry it to the crank shaft to complete the crank. This crank operates the skull elevator nearby. Since you cannot climb ladders while carrying objects, you can use this elevator to transport the box up. Have one character carry the box and stand on the skull, then switch to the other and turn the crank. Switch back and carry the box to the green patch near the unfinished statue.

There's one box left, so have Indy whip swing across the gap to the left. Defeat the group of Thuggees that attack you, then take two torches and place them on both torch holders on the left side of the broken bridge to make the bridge repair itself. Now that Short Round is able to cross over to your side, use him to climb through the chute and on to a ledge, then pull the lever to raise the location of the first chute. Crawl back through the chute to emerged from the raised opening, then walk to the right and grab the box. Take it back to the unfinished statue and place it there along with the parts of the other box. Use the blocks from both boxes to complete the statue, then use it to reach a high ledge.

After jumping across some tall stone columns, you must now scale two huge spinning pillars. The only ground you can stand on are the small ledges on the first column, so you must scale the rest almost entirely on handrails. If you fall, try to land on the rotating rock platforms below, or you'll meet certain death if you touch the lava. Once you make it to the other side, you still have to contend with a few Thuggees. As a reward for crossing the biggest obstacle in the level as well as to make up for any lost studs from dying, you can get studs from both chests in the cave nearby by pressing the buttons in front of them. Press both buttons at once for additional studs. If you walk south you will also fall to a ledge with another chest that spits studs when you press the button on it. Rise the lift to return to the top, then have both characters pull the two levers by the gate to open it. Enter it to reach the next area.

The Thuggee altar[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 7, 8, 9 and 10, Parcel

Indy and Short Round find themselves at the sacrificial altar from before, and Indy takes the three mystical stones there. They are discovered by Mola Ram, a mind-controlled Maharajah and some Thuggees. Indy and Short Round manages to fight them off, and Mola Ram disappears down a trapdoor with the Maharajah. However, Willie is still captive and has just been lowered into the lava pit. If Indy and Short Round can't her out in time, she could quite literally be toast!

First, take out the Thuggees nearby so that you can explore the room in peace. To raise Willie's cage, you must pull two levers on opposite sides of the room. For the first lever, you must first go to the upper-left corner of the area, where there is a crank behind some wooden bars. Destroy the bars, then turn the crank to move the statue nearby outward. Next, have Indy climb up the ladder leading to the walkway precariously supported by some shoddy scaffolding. Sure enough, the walkway will collapse the moment you set foot on it, so swing across the collapsed section with your whip. Jump to the statue to the other side, then pull the lever there to partially raise the cage.

Some Thuggees will appear once you pull the lever, so prepare to defeat them. After doing so, rebuild the statue to the right using the blocks scattered on the floor. Push that statue down and right into the indentation, then pull the other statue nearby out. Destroy the object blocking the entrance to the crawlspace, then have Short Round go through it to emerge on the second floor. Jump across the statues and ledges to reach the second lever. Pull it down to completely raise the cage from the lava pit. More Thuggees will attack you, now joined by Chatter Lal, the prime minister of Pankot and a fanatical member of the Thuggee cult.

Boss: Chatter Lal[edit]

Chatter Lal has more health than any other boss you've fought before, and he is quite agile. He will start off by directly attacking you, but will quickly flee and let normal Thuggees take over once he has taken some damage. You can't chase him down, as approaching him will only lead to him jumping to another spot. Instead, you must use his faith against him. Among the Thuggees that attack you, those that wear white clothes will drop turbans that you can wear. Wearing a turban lets you pray to Thuggee statues, and there are two statues in this room. Praying to a statue opens up the grate nearby, making the heat and cinders shooting out from the lava below seep through the floor. You must chase Chatter Lal on to an open grate to damage him with the heat, which will make him attack you again. Repeat the process a second time to defeat him.

Stepping on an open grate one too many times, Chatter Lal is killed by the heat, and Willie is finally rescued from being involuntarily sacrificed. Indy quickly takes the stones stolen by the Thuggees, and the three escape the temple.

Artifact list[edit]

  1. (Free Play only) From your starting point, jump to the ledge on the right as a female character to get the chest.
  2. This chest is plainly visible on a ledge close to the lava. You must hop across the small stone platforms to reach it. Be careful not to fall in the lava.
  3. The chest is located behind a cage to the left of where you begin. If you defeat a Thuggee wearing a white shirt, you can take his turban and use it to operate Thuggee statues similar to how you would fool enemy guards with officer's hats. Interact with the Thuggee statue near the chest to make the gate open, letting you collect it.
  4. (Free Play only) The chest is behind some metal bars near the spinning pillars. Blow the bars up with explosives, then hop into the alcove to get it.
  5. This is located on top of the first spinning pillar. You must carefully jump between the two pillars until you can reach it.
  6. (Free Play only) You must unearth three skulls as a digger in the first area. The first skull is right near where you start, the second skull is below the first one, where the second bow is, and the last skull is located past the spinning pillars. Dig all three and the chest will appear at the last skull.
  7. (Free Play only) At the lower-left corner of the altar is a ledge with a broken machine. Fix it with a wrench user to make a skull-shaped rock rise from the lava. The chest will appear on the rock.
  8. The chest is visible in a room behind some wooden bars at the altar area. Once the left walkway has collapsed, the wooden bars will be torn off, letting you collect the chest.
  9. (Free Play only). After swinging over the collapsed walkway, there is a room blocked by metal bars. Destroy the blockage with explosives, then pull the lever to cause additional platforms to form steps to an alcove high up. Jump on the handrail beside the first platform as a female character, then jump up the steps to the alcove, where you can get the chest.
  10. The chest is located on top of the giant Thuggee statue. Jump to the statue's handrails from the left walkway, then on to the other handrails to reach its head.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

This parcel can only be obtained during Free Play. Beside the machine involved in getting Chest No. 7, there is a red statue. Break it and use the pieces to build a mailbox. Go to the opposite corner and repair the broken machine there to raise some bars blocking a hieroglyph panel. Decipher the panel as a scholar character to make it break, exposing the parcel inside. Carry the parcel back to the mailbox and mail it off. This parcel contains the Super Scream extra, which increases the power of Willie's scream to the point that it damages enemies. It's a funny gimmick, but isn't something you would rely on in fights.