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Indy, Willie and Short Round escape the temple only to find themselves in some Thuggee-patrolled mines. The village's children are being forced to mine for the sacred stones the Thuggees are seeking, ones similar to the stones Indy took from the altar. While facing off against a Thuggee guard, Short Round is kidnapped. Indy and Willie must now save him, as well as to free the other young miners.

  • True Adventurer: 65,000 studs
  • Characters Obtained: Willie (Ceremony)
  • Unlocked Characters in Library: Slave Child, Thuggee Slave Driver
  • Artifact: Dinosaur Fossil
  • Parcel: Character Treasure

The entrance to the mines[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 1 and 2.

The path further down the mines is blocked, so you need to find a way to break through the blockade. Go left and use Willie to jump up the ledge, then build a handrail out of the blocks on the ledge so that Indy can join her. There, take the orange box nearby and place it on one of the green spots near the minecart. Have Indy pull the lever at the back with his whip to cause a platform to rise up, then have Willie jump to the platform and to the higher ledge behind it. Carry the orange box there to the other green spot and place it there. Use the blocks from both boxes to make a mechanism that will push the minecart down the tracks, making it smash into the blockade around the corner.

While the path it clear, you still have to get to it safely. There is a large pool of lava that causes instant death if you fall in, and the tracks are too thin for you to walk across. Instead, jump to the rope and use it to swing to the wooden platform. From there, jump to the handrails and then to the ground on the other side. Countless Thuggees will appear and attack you. Quickly go through the hole made by the minecart so that you don't have to fight.

Freeing the first slave[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 3

As you go right, you will be attacked by two Thuggees armed with crossbows, so quickly defeat them before exploring the room. The way forward is blocked by a door, and you don't have Short Round with you to crawl into the chute nearby and pull the lever, which presumably unlocks the door. Fortunately, the slave child locked in the cage nearby is short enough to crawl through, so free him by lowering the cage using the crank to the right of it. Sure enough, the child will crawl through and pull the lever for you, opening the door. Slaves will always repay your kindness after freeing them, so you help yourself progress by helping them too.

Deeper in the mines[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 4 and 5, Parcel

Once again, your way forward is blocked, but this time there is a much more complicated process to clearing it. You must first transport a part across the lava pit to the other side to place it in a machine through a clever method. First, have Indy swing across the lava pit to the alcove at the back. Pick up the part there and place it on the green platform nearby. Turn the crank to transport it across the lava pit and to the opposite side. Swing back and relocate the machine part roughly on the green spot on the ground. Now you must move the part across some wooden platforms. As Indy, jump to the first wooden platform, then use your whip to pull the part to you. Put the part down and jump to the platform, then repeat the process several times until you reach the other side. Now you can finally put the part in the blue machine.

The machine, though complete, still requires some repairs. You can get a wrench by destroying the barrel north of the area, which will make the machine operational and activate the elevator nearby. Now, destroy one of the barrels to the right to get a shovel, and use it to dig up a key. Put the key in the crank, and turn it until the wooden platform nearby is level with the ground. Now, have Indy ride the elevator up to the walkway, then swing to the other side. Free the slave here, who will crawl through the chute and pull the lever to open up the door. A ton of Thuggees will appear, so be ready to defeat them all. Go through the door to the following room. Take the dynamite from the green box, then throw it at the metal debris blocking the hole to clear it. Go through it to continue down the mines.

More slaves to free[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 6, 7, and 8, Leia

As soon as you enter the room, you must face a couple of Thuggees, some armed with crossbows. Defeat them and go to the right side of the room. Destroy the wooden panels around the hole there to find a handle behind it. Carry the handle back to the left side of the room and place it on the green spot on the wall. Pull the handle to extend a flight of stairs from the wall, letting you get to the higher ledge. Fight off the Thuggees once you reach there, then dig up another handle at the far left of the area (there is a box containing a shovel nearby if you don't have one). Place the handle on the nearest green spot and pull it to open up the cage nearby, freeing a ton of slaves.

As soon as you open the cage, defeat the two Thuggees that appear to attack you. Most of the slave children you just freed will escape, but one will crawl through the nearby chute and pull the lever at the other end for you to raise two platforms. You can now jump across the platforms to reach the ledge at the right side of the room. There is a ton of wood blocking the hole here. Simply attack it multiple times to clear the opening, then go through it for the last part of the level.

Boss: Thuggee Slave Driver[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 9 and 10

Indy and Willie have found where Short Round is imprisoned, but they are also confronted by the slave driver of the mines. The battle will start off, and it will be a simple fist fight between you and the slave driver. However, after hitting the slave driver a few times, the Maharajah will throw a pot of mysterious liquid that will instantly heal all the damage you've done to the slave driver. Attacking the slave driver any further will be a waste of time, as the Maharajah will just keep healing him. To defeat the slave driver, you must first defeat the Maharajah, and you'll need Short Round's help.

Short Round is locked behind metal bars, so simply grab a bundle of dynamite nearby and throw it at the bars to blow it apart, letting Short Round join you. Have Short Round go through the crawlspace to reach the ledge where the Maharajah is, then hit him to make him escape to another ledge. Destroy one of the barrels on the ledge to get a wrench and use it to fix the elevator to the right of you. Use the two elevators to get to the ledge the Maharajah is standing on and attack him to make him jump to the rightmost ledge. Switch to any other character and push the green mine cart all the way to the end of the tracks. Now you can jump to the right ledge as Short Round with the help of the cart, letting you hit the Maharajah one last time. This will knock him out of his mind-controlled trance, making him stop helping the slave driver.

Without the Maharajah's help, the slave driver will jump to the conveyor belt and toss heavy boulders at you. You can get to the conveyor belt yourself, so you must attack him from afar. There are many bundles of dynamite in boxes scattered around the area. Take one of these bundles and aim at the slave driver, then throw it at him to do damage. Note that he can only be hurt while holding up a boulder. Throw five bundles of dynamite at him while dodging the boulders to defeat the slave driver.

The slave driver is knocked off his feet by the last dynamite, getting gruesomely crushed by the roller at the end of the conveyor belt. With their cruel ruler defeated, the slave children are now completely free and celebrate with Indy. With the village's stone recovered and the children rescued, Indy and the rest can now return to the village, but can they escape the wrath of the Thuggee cult?

Artifact List[edit]

  1. (Free Play only) On the first wooden platform above the lava pit, there is an alcove with a chute. Crawl through it with a short character to be taken to an inaccessible ledge with the artifact piece.
  2. (Free Play only) Near the entrance to the slave mines is a Thuggee Statue. Pray to it as a Thuggee character to cause the statue to explode, leaving behind an air vent where it once stood. Use the air stream to propel yourself up to a ledge with the chest.
  3. This chest is easy to get. Simply have Indy pull the lid off of the water dispenser with his whip, then use the parts to build a handrail so that you can jump to the ledge with the chest.
  4. The chest is on a wooden walkway just above the lava. Hug the wall if you're worried about falling in while you're trying to collect it.
  5. In the room with the dynamite, destroy the crates near the green box to find a button. Place the button on the round green spot. Step on the button to activate the elevator, then jump on to the elevator to reach the platform containing the chest.
  6. (Free Play only) Near the slave cage is a Thuggee statue. Pray to it with a Thuggee character to make it explode, leaving an artifact piece behind.
  7. After freeing the cage full of slave children, use Marion to jump into the cage. Destroy the barrel at the back to get a blue gear. Take that gear to the machine at the right side of the room and place it there to complete it. Get a wrench from some barrels south of the machine and repair it. The machine will self-destruct once repaired, leaving a chest for you to collect.
  8. (Free Play only) After the slave cage is a crawlspace used by one of the freed slaves. Switch to a short character and crawl in to get the artifact behind the lever where the slave child is.
  9. There are three skulls buried around the area. One is located near where you enter, another at the end of the tracks and the last one at the lower ledge. The chest will appear once you dig up all three. The hard part is digging the skulls up, since the slave driver can get a few hits in while you're busy digging.
  10. The chest is located at the left end of the tunnel that you can climb through using the handrails once you have Short Round crawl to the walkway where the Maharajah initially stood.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

This parcel can only be obtained during Free Play. The parcel is behind a steel cage on the ledge with the machine part that you needed to transport. Blow the cage up with an explosives user, then place the parcel on the green platform much like what you did with the machine part. Turn the crank to get it across the lava pit, then repeat the same process you used to transport the machine part previously, which is by using Indy's whip to carry it across platform-by-platform. Once you cross the next lava pit, take the lift up and go north to reach the mailbox. The parcel contains Character Treasure, which causes defeated enemies to drop studs. It can be very handy in levels with high enemy frequencies.

Finding Princess Leia[edit]

A different slave is hidden within the mines, an important part of a rebel force fighting in a galaxy far, far away. In the area with the slave cage, go south from the blue machine that required repairs to find some handrails on the cliff wall. Jump off the cliff here to land on a ledge. Follow the ledge to some metal debris. Blow the debris away with an explosives user, then knock on the guard post behind it using someone with an enemy disguise. The futuristic door beside the guard will open, and inside is Princess Leia! She is one of the five Star Wars cameos in the game. Find them all for a neat prize!