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There is a simple rule to this game, without a surplus of power and requisition you will get nowhere. This guide will give a basic overview of what you should do to become a master of this game.

Strategy at start[edit]

One of the most important things at the start of any mission is that you get your resources fast. First of all, build a barracks or equivalent, then one or two plasma generators. Also, whilst you are doing this, make sure to build some basic infantry from your main base to capture the strategic points closest to you. Once you have captured them, build listening posts on the strategic points. It is a good idea to try and capture a relic early on, as the strongest units generally require one.

Next, it's important to develop a defence, if you don't, your base will on a likely rule, be destroyed. When you have done the above steps, it's time to build some heavy infantry (eg: Fire Warriors*tau*)so that you can kill any units threatening your base. Then it's time to do any necessary upgrades or objectives to get the building which creates vehicles. Then you need to create a mix of infantry killing machinery and vehicle and building orientated machinery, this will bring you close to bringing your first attack.

Strategy on attack[edit]

First you need to know where their base is, instead of guessing, try seeing where the enemy is coming from, often the enemy will come from the base since this is where they are created. This gives a better idea to where the enemy base is. Once you send a small scout squad to find the base, it's time to prepare your units for attack. Depending on how many troops you have encountered, you need to select the troops which you will take for your first attack. These are some general guidelines:

Little threat (occasional attacks but not often)
  • One or two heavy infantry squads
  • Three or four infantry squads(if available)
  • Leader unit(commander)
  • And only a few machines
Medium threat (constant attacks but nothing drastic)
  • Six Heavy infantry squads
  • All possible leader units
  • 4-6 Machines
Large threat (attacks frequently and in high power)
  • As many heavy infantry squads as is allowed
  • All possible leader units
  • As many machines as allowed
  • Super unit (Usually requires the highest amount of resources and a relic)

Attack plan[edit]

  1. Attack buildings creating vehicles
  2. Attack infantry barracks or equivalent
  3. Attack any turrets
  4. Attack power generators
  5. Attack main base