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In a cutscene, Link, Impa and Sheik arrived to Faron Woods to meet a new character: Lana. Lana has blue hair in a ponytail and wears a skirt and a shirt, and she holds a magic book in her hand. She'll help the group after they agree to save these woods. On the 3DS and Switch, you can change between Link, Impa and Sheik but Lana won't be available until after this level.

Shooting the Deku Plants[edit]

Unfortunately, weapons don't work on the poisonous plants. To find the bow, go down around the corner of south-west of the map and look for a red chest. Once you find it, that weapon will be selected automatically. Lock on to a target like you did with the important targets and shoot. You can't miss as long as you lock on to those monstrous plants.

Once the Deku Plants are gone, continue to conquer the base until another danger appears. Wizzro is trying in vain to slow you down. Not available for the Wii U is the red treasure chest with the ocarina and the owl statue that needs to be turned on for the first time. It may be a hassle to turn the owl statues on each time you play the level, but it's important to make traveling as easy as possible. You'll find it in the Deku Tree fort which is right in the middle of the map.

Deku Tree on fire![edit]

As you deal with enemy checkpoints, enemy warriors and enemy base, run to the north-east corner of the map. You'll find the Fairy Fountain and the Giant Fairy will summon rain to help put out the fire.

Gohma attack![edit]

Go to the enemy base on the north-west corner of the map. Just when you reach Wizzro, he disappears, but not before another surprise: Gohma comes out to attack the base! In the 3DS and Switch version, you can activate the owl statues (seen in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask) and use the ocarina to teleport to any statues that you've activated. The Gohma will teleport to the center base after you attack him at the north-west corner base. At the same time, you need to attack some keep saboteurs. You can command Impa and Sheik to gather around Gohma but you won't unlock the special team ability yet.

Run or teleport to the center of the map to reach the monster boss. If you remember again from "Ocarina of Time", it's all about timing. Make sure to lock on first. Follow by dodging the laser, when Gohma's eyes turn blue, shoot your arrow with the bow, and it'll be subdued when you attack it's weak spot by the circle shape as seen in "Hyrule Fields" with Dodongo. As before, it takes two to three times to take it down. Doing this ends this level.