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This level will be played as Lana. You start alone, and in a twist of fate, you'll be dealing with danger in the desert at all areas of the map.

Dispel the Gate of Souls[edit]

You must first go to the locations that have been marked on the map. It's important to take down the Gate of Souls warps by defeating Bilns that act as guardians to stem the flow of enemies.

Tetra and the Helmaroc King[edit]

Tetra will be dropped from the top northeast corner. She'll then come down to the mid-south east area where she'll unfortunately have to fend off monsters from all angles, including the Helmaroc King. Fortunately, Link comes as well, so switch to Link and have him deal with the giant bird. If you recall the events involving the Helmaroc King in The Wind Waker, you should remember to use your hammer as soon as the Helmaroc's beak gets stuck in sand, then attack it as much as you can. The giant bird will eventually go to the Arbiter's Ground to regenerate. You have to defend Tetra until she's clear of the enemies.

At the same time, finish taking down Gate of Souls as Lana, as access in the middle has been closed.

Helmaroc King's demise[edit]

As soon as Tetra is available to be controlled and there's no Gate of Souls left, have Tetra and Link defend the Allied Base while Lana goes to the northeast corner to take over the Arbiter's Ground base. As usual, Lana will encounter enemy reinforcements, but they should be easily dispatched. Doing so will keep Helmaroc from coming back and regenerating all over again. All that's left is to defeat the Helmaroc King. Repeat the Wind Waker process and the giant bird will finally be defeated.

The following cutscene reveals that the characters have no clue what to do next. The man in red clothes and a white beard advises them to search for Cia.