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Looks can be deceiving. Of course it is Ganon's Tower, but there are a few differences: giant mystical swords on the river, a dark, purple atmosphere, and an apocalyptic aftermath of Hyrule with buildings either aging or being overrun by the evil atmosphere. On the Wii U, this counts as the last level. On the 3DS and Switch, the adventure is far from being over, as there is one more game left to cover: The Wind Waker.

Angarok double trouble[edit]

Ganondorf is taking time building up his power and orders his army to delay your team until he's ready to attack. The first challenge to deal with is a battle against two Angaroks: one on the north and the other on the south. Not only that, but on the middle-west of the map (below the base), Impa and either Zelda or Ruto are attacked by Lizalfos and Darknuts. Ideally, deal with the one in the south first followed by saving Zelda/Ruto from death (if you're playing Zelda, Ruto will play her role instead). Then go north and deal with the other to complete this challenge.

If you've forgotten how to deal with Angarok since the Palace of Twilight, here's how: while dodging Angarok's attack, wait for the blue light to appear on its tail and use your hookshot on it. Once it's pulled down, attack as much as you can with special and spirit attacks. You can make faster work of the Angarok if all four warriors are gathered nearby rather than doing all of it solo.

Bombchu boom![edit]

Ganondorf still needs more time, so he'll send in more soldiers and officers, attacking and slowing you down. Darunia will have his bombchu go to the middle base and break down the door, but it needs to be protected. If you can, you can protect it by yourself or with your allied warriors in command. Conquer the base to the west area (which you may remember as the place where Link first came out of the castle).

Ganondorf, fast and furious[edit]

Ganondorf will then come out and start attacking your team. It may be tough, but there's a solution as long as no one dies in this; if you're playing on the 3DS or Switch, it's best to command them to protect Zelda/Ruto from Ganondorf's attack while you approach on the southwest corner base, near the enemy base by the door. Once you unlock one, take care of the eye bomb shooter before taking over the base while at the same time, keeping your team alive. Doing this should weaken Ganondorf's fury, making it easier for you to defeat him without losing too many hearts.

Ganon's final attack[edit]

In a cutscene, Ganondorf will turn into a giant beast that you should remember from both Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. Ganon as a beast may be terrifying, but he's similar to Angarok with the blue shining tail that you can pull down with the hookshot.

In the midst of the fight, Zelda/Ruto will give you light arrows as the key to defeating Ganon's darkness, but you have to attack three key officers on three bases to restore its power to the fullest. You can use the light arrows, but it's still quickest on 3DS and Switch to command your warriors to gather around Ganon and attack with everything they've got until the cutscene kicks in.

Happily ever after?[edit]

This is the normal ending. In a cutscene, Ganon falls to his defeat. The Triforce returns to Link, Zelda, and Lana, ending Ganon's life completely. The main co-stars from Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword simply disappear. Lana tells Link to return the Master Sword as everything goes back to normal. Link tries to do it on the pedestal but needs Zelda's help once more before going back to the castle where Zelda lives, opening the door with Impa and playing the harp outside like her dream from the beginning.

What happens afterward[edit]

If it seems like there's unanswered questions, the feeling is warranted. What would Lana find in her search for Cia? Would Link help again by saving Lana's other half this time? And what new adventure and characters would they encounter on their journey once more? In the 3DS and Switch versions of the game, continue on your adventure to find out what new surprises are there to be discovered.