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Hyrule Warriors has mixes the Zelda and Warriors formulas together. Features of the game include:

  • You can now lock on to your target instead of trying to attack your target while moving the camera at the same time.
  • Important items now play a major role in this game. Cutting monster vines, shooting arrows, throwing bombs, the classic Zelda weapons are there to be put to great use.
  • Team work is really important in this game. On co-op, you and second player divide themselves between doing primary and secondary objectives. But if you're by yourself, the 3DS and Switch will allow you to switch players with one downside: if any of your important characters have been defeated, the game would be over right away. Also, you have to think about the roles for the characters: give them commands like defend or protect something important on the map.
  • Big boss battles can be challenging: use the right weapon for the right job.
  • Every officer and boss has a weakness: look for the circle and hit it until the officer or boss has been defeated.
  • Every warrior has a special and spirit attack! Like the musou attack from Dynasty/Samurai Warriors, every warriors specialty will help in tackling in thousands of enemies and is also useful in attacking bosses both large and small.
  • After finishing a level, you can upgrade your warrior: mix and match weapons unique specialties, level up your warrior and using materials dropped by enemies who you've defeated to be used in badges to help enhance your warrior and make fighting more easier next time you go into battle.