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Those who have played Twilight Princess (on GameCube, Wii, and Wii U) should recognize the Twilight Palace. It's one of the most difficult dungeons, next to Hyrule Castle, in terms of tension and dealing with darkness. Most importantly, the hardest part on both sides is taking the sol globe away from "the hand". Like Zant's Hands in Twilight Princess, it slowly tries to get to the sol and doesn't attack you. The level has been readjusted due to the huge army that Zant controls, and you won't find places where the elevator takes you up and down. You'll be restricted to using and switching between Lana/Midna and Agitha.

On this note, if you're going to use Midna, you should learn how to use the wolf, just like Twilight Princess. The wolf uses straight forward bite attacks and moves as oppose to using fists (or paws) or weapons. It takes time but you would get use to it as long as you learn how the wolf moves. Get your wolf instincts ready!


You should recognize the flying boss in the Air Temple, to put it simply. As Link, you have to use the double hookshot to go around and find a way to put that boss down in a frenetic wind battle. In this case, you need to find bases for Midna/Lana to create a chain target area so it can delay the Angarok from attacking the Allied Base. Before that, make sure you get the hookshot from the middle east base after you conquer it, as Zant allows the specific platforms to break.

Zant and Angarok's Finale[edit]

Just as in the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors series, conquering bases and taking down officers is very important. Midna/Lana will ask you to go to the Fairy Fountain found at the bottom southeast area, getting the giant fairy to bring the Angarok to ground level.

Zant could be easy to take down but Argarok can be a lot of trouble. Make sure you dodge its attack until you see its tail end turn blue. Once you see that color, quickly use the hookshot to take it down (be thankful that you don't need heavy boots as in Twilight Princess). If you see the circle symbol or weakness sign, attack it before Argarok recovers. Like other monster bosses, it will take two to three attacks before it's over.

The cutscene kicks in as Midna hits Cia's mask to reveal that Cia and Lana look almost like identical twins! But according to the game, Cia is simply Lana's dark half and Lana is Cia's light half. After Cia runs off, Lana closes the "Gate of Souls".

So the "Twilight Princess" stages are finished, but what happened to Impa and Sheik in "Ocarina of Time" and Link in "Skyward Sword"? You can choose between the levels you want to play first, so the story progression now depends on your choices.