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At the northeast and northwest ends of Hearthome City there are entrances to Amity Square, the place where you can take a cute Pokémon for a stroll. These Pokémon are Pikachu, Clefairy, Psyduck, Happiny, Buneary, Pachirisu, and Drifloon.

It is definitely worth visiting this place, as you will find many valuable items here along the way.


Name Location
TM 45: Attract Found in main area
TM 43: Secret Power Found in main area
Amulet Coin Found in ancient house #2 (the left one)
Spooky Plate Found next to house #1 (on right), in plain view

Also, while walking with your Pokémon, talk to it. It will uncover an item every 200 steps. The item is usually a Fashion item for Contests, but it may also be a rare berry.

Buneary Clefairy Drifloon Happiny Pachirisu Pikachu Psyduck Rarity
Black Fluff White Fluff Pink Fluff Black Fluff Jagged Stone Orange Fluff Jagged Stone Sometimes
Pink Fluff Orange Fluff Red Feather Pink Fluff Snaggy Stone Brown Fluff Snaggy Pebble Sometimes
Pink Scale White Feather Yellow Feather Pink Scale Brown Fluff Small Leaf Brown Fluff Sometimes
Shed Claw Round Stone Black Beard Shed Claw Round Stone Red Feather Round Pebble Sometimes
Shed Horn Small Leaf Narrow Scale Shed Horn Black Moustache Yellow Feather Black Moustache Sometimes
Yellow Feather Blue Scale White Fluff Yellow Feather Shed Horn Yellow Fluff Shed Horn Sometimes
Jagged Stone White Beard White Moustache Jagged Stone Narrow Scale Glitter Stone Narrow Scale Rarely
Big Leaf Thin Mushroom Shed Claw Big Leaf Mini Stone Big Scale Mini Stone Rarely
Green Scale Big Scale Narrow Leaf Green Scale Green Scale Black Moustache Green Scale Rarely
Black Stone Stump Purple Scale Black Stone Thick Mushroom Purple Scale Thick Mushroom Very Rarely

Note: Any of these Pokémon may also find (rarely) a Cornn, Magost, Nomel, or Rabuta Berry. Any of them may find (very rarely) a Belue, Durin, Pamtre, Spelon, or Watmel Berry.