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The Spring Path[edit]

The Spring Path is the road to the Sendoff Spring.. It is just off of Route 214, and winds a little bit into the Sendoff Spring. However, it will only appear if you have the National Pokedex.

The Spring Sendoff[edit]

The Spring Sendoff is the link to the Turnback Cave. Here you can find several high-level Pokémon.

Name Type(s) Levels Location
Golduck Water 52-54 Water and land
Bibarel Normal/Water 52-54 Land
Noctowl Normal/Flying 53-54 Land (night only)
Staravia Normal/Flying 52-54 Land (morning and day only)
Chimecho Psychic 52-54 Land (night only)

Depending on when you come here, the Pokémon in the grass may be higher in level than the Pokémon in your party!


HMs Needed[edit]

  • HM 08: Rock Climb
  • HM 03: Surf
  • HM 01: Cut

Into the Turnback Cave![edit]

When you've done all that you want to do here, Rock Climb the ledge and head on in to the Turnback Cave!