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Pastoria City is home to the fourth Gym Leader, Crasher Wake.


  • A woman in the lower most house will kindly give you a berry a day.
Babiri Berry Haban Berry Rindo Berry Charti Berry Kasib Berry Shuca Berry Chilan Berry Kebia Berry Tanga Berry
Chople Berry Occa Berry Wacan Berry Coba Berry Passho Berry Yache Berry Colbur Berry Payapa Berry
  • In the house directly above the Poké Mart, you will find the Burmy Fan Club. If you show all three versions of Burmy to the man in this house, he will reward you with the Macho Brace.
  • In the house above the Poké Mart to the right, is the Moves Tutor. He will reteach any Pokémon any move within its move pool for the small price of a Heart Scale. Heart Scales can be found underground and are rather common.
  • In the house to the far right of the Pokécenter, if your lead Pokémon is either beautiful, smart, cute, cool or tough, you will be given a scarf that will boost that trait even more.
  • After you have obtained the Fen Badge, speak to the Galactic Grunt standing near the entrance building to the Great Marsh. He will scurry off to the Route 213 exit building. Follow him and speak to him once again. Be prepared, your rival is about to rush onto the scene and engage you in battle. (Please see below)

Poké Mart[edit]

  • Poké Ball: Pokebuck.png200
  • Great Ball: Pokebuck.png600
  • Heal Ball: Pokebuck.png1000
  • Dusk Ball: Pokebuck.png1000
  • Quick Ball: Pokebuck.png1000
  • Net Ball: Pokebuck.png1000
  • Potion: Pokebuck.png300
  • Super Potion: Pokebuck.png700
  • Revive: Pokebuck.png1500
  • Antidote: Pokebuck.png100
  • Awakening: Pokebuck.png250
  • Paralyz Heal: Pokebuck.png200
  • Burn Heal: Pokebuck.png250
  • Ice Heal: Pokebuck.png250
  • Repel: Pokebuck.png350
  • Escape Rope: Pokebuck.png550
  • Air Mail: Pokebuck.png50

Gym badge #4[edit]

This is another pesky puzzle gym. Throughout the Gym are switches, that when stepped upon, alter the water level, which in turn raises and lowers a complex of board bridges throughout the gym. It will take some time to figure the puzzle out, and you be forced to fight a good number of trainers along the way. Crasher Wake will be no big deal if you chose Turtwig, a bother if you chose Piplup and a pain if you chose Chimchar. If you've got Turtwig, you practically have it in the bag, with an exception for Gyarados. His combination of the Water and Flying-types make him a formidable foe, and he require more than a single attack to put it in its place, even with an electric-type on your team. Quagsires combination of Water and Ground make it even more susceptible to Grass-type moves. However, since Floatzel knows Ice Fang, try to stay away from your grass-types when fighting it. Now, if you have Chimchar, it would be advised to leave this battle to your other Pokémon, because the poor Fire-type will get creamed. If you have a Roselia, great, but if you have no Grass-types whatsoever, you might want to go out looking for some. Also, an Electric-type like Luxray or Raichu will make fighting much easier.

Rival Battle[edit]

If you talk to the Team Galactic Grunt after he bolts, your rival will come wanting a battle.

If you chose Turtwig... If you chose Chimchar... If you chose Piplup...
Starly (Lv.26) Starly (Lv.19) Starly (Lv.19)
Roselia (Lv.25) Ponyta (Lv.25) Ponyta (Lv.25)
Buizel (Lv.25) Roselia (Lv.25) Buizel (Lv.25)
Monferno (Lv.28) Prinplup (Lv.28) Grotle (Lv.28)

Luckily, his Pokémon don't seem any stronger than the last two gym leaders'. None of his Pokémon (especially Starly) have evolved since your last encounter, so this battle can't be too hard. An Electric-type, a Water-type, and a Fire/Flying type can take care of his team.