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Attack type Name Pokémon type Description
Special Draco Meteor Dragon The user's special attack sharply falls
Other Heart Swap Psychic Stat effects are swapped between all Pokémon on the field
Special Aura Sphere Fighting Never Misses
Other Nature Spurt Normal Uses a berry to change the type and the strength of another attack
Other Embargo Dark Disables foes hold item
Other Worry Seed Grass Changes foes ability to insomnia temporarily
Physical Cross Poison Poison High chance of critical hit and poisoning
Special Aqua Jet Water Always hits first
Unknown First Hit Normal Hits first by using PP from other attacks
Physical Close Combat Fighting Lowers user's Defence and Special Defence
Special Discharge Electric May induce paralysis
Physical Shadow Claw Ghost High critical hit ratio
Physical Force Palm Fighting 30% chance of paralysis
Other Anticipate Fighting When the opponent uses an offensive move. User attacks first at 1.5 times the power
Other Poison Spikes Poison Lays barbs that afflicts the foe with poison when called out into battles
Physical Ice Fang Ice May cause freezing and flinch
Physical Thunder Fang Electric May cause paralysis and flinch
Physical Fire Fang Fire May cause Burn and flinch
Other Nasty Plot Dark Greatly increases the user's special attack
Physical Giga Impact Normal User cannot attack next turn
Physical Feint Normal Only works when foe uses Protect and Detect
Other Chatter Normal Confuses the opponent
Other Lucky Chant Normal Stops the opponent from being able to make critical hits
Physical Brave Bird Flying User takes recoil damage
Special Charge Beam Electric High chance of raising the user's Special Attack
Special Leaf Storm Grass Lowers user's Special Attack
Physical Head Smash Rock User takes recoil damage
Physical Metal Burst Steel Returns double damage done by foe
Special Brine Water Power doubles if foes HP is less than half
Physical Zen Headbutt Psychic' May cause foe to flinch
Special Dark Pulse Dark Opponent may flinch
Physical Wake-Up Slap Fighting Power doubles if foe is asleep, cures sleep status
Other Roost Flying Restores half of max HP
Other Gravity Psychic Disables moves that fly or levitate in 5 turns
Other Miracle Eye Psychic Removes Dark-types Psychic immunity and resets foes evasiveness
Physical Hammer Arm Fighting Lowers user's Speed
Physical Gyro Ball Steel Power depends on foe's Speed
Other Healing Wish Psychic If user faints, recovers HP and removes status effects of next Pokémon
Physical Natural Gift Normal Power and type of move depends on hold berry
Physical Pluck Flying Power doubles if foe is holding a berry
Other Tailwind Flying Usre's team raises Speed for 5 turns
Other Acupressure Normal Randomly raises user's one stat greatly
Physical U-Turn Bug User switches out automatically after attack
Physical Payback Dark Power doubles if user receives damage first
Physical Fling Dark Hurls out held item, power depends on hold item
Other Psycho Shift Psychic Shifts status effect to target
Special Ace Normal Power increases when PP drops
Other Heal Block Psychic Foe isn't able to restore HP in 5 turns
Special Crush Grip Normal Power depends on foes remaining HP
Other Power Trick Psychic Swaps user's own Attack and Defence
Other Gastro Acid Poison Cancels every effect of foe's ability
Other Copycat Normal Copies foe's last move
Other Power Swap Psychic Swaps Attack and Special Attack with target
Other Guard Swap Psychic Swaps Defence and Special Defence with target
Physical Punishment Dark Power depends on foes stat
Physical Last Resort Normal Only usable when all other attacks have been used
Physical Sucker Punch Dark Always strikes first, but fails if foe isn't using an attacking move
Other Aqua Ring Water Restores HP every turn
Other Magnet Rise Electric User changes it own ability levitate
Physical Flare Blitz Fire User takes recoil
Other Rock Polish Rock Raises user's speed
Physical Poison Jab Poison May poison the foe
Physical Blade Test Dark High critical hit ratio
Physical Aqua Tail Water No added effect
Physical Seed Bomb Grass No added effect
Special Air Slash Flying May cause opponent to flinch
Physical X-Scissor Bug No added effect
Special Bug Buzz Bug May lower opponents Special Defense
Special Dragon Pulse Dragon No added effect
Physical Dragon Rush Dragon May cause foe to flinch
Special Power Gem Rock No added effect
Physical Drain Punch Fighting User recovers half the damage inflicted
Special Vacuum Blade Fighting Always strikes first
Special Focus Blast Fighting May lower foe's Special Defence
Special Energy Ball Grass May lower foe's Special Defence
Special Earth Power Ground May lower foe's Special Defence
Other Sneak Dark Exchanges held item with foe
Physical Bullet Punch Steel Always strikes first
Physical Avalanche Ice Power doubles if user receives damage first
Physical Ice Shard Ice Always strikes first
Physical Shadow Sneak Ghost Always strikes first
Special Mud Bomb Ground May lower foe's accuracy
Physical Psycho Cut Psychic High critical hit ratio
Special Mirror Shot Steel May lower opponents accuracy
Special Flash Cannon Steel May lower foe's Special Attack
Physical Rock Climb Normal May induce confusion
Other Defog Flying Lowers foe's evasiveness
Other Trick Room Psychic Slower Pokémon attacks first in 5 turns
Special Lava Plume Fire May induce burn
Physical Power Whip Grass No added effect
Physical Rock Wrecker Rock User cannot attack next turn
Physical Dust Shoot Poison May poison the foe
Physical Iron Head Steel May cause opponent to flinch
Physical Magnet Bomb Steel Cannot miss
Physical Stone Edge Rock High critical hit ratio
Other Captivate Normal Lowers opposite gender foe's Special Attack
Other Stealth Rock Rock Causes damage when foe switches out
Special Grass Knot Grass Power increases if foe is heavy
Special Judgement Normal Type changes depending on which plate held
Physical Bug Devour Bug Receives effect from foe's held berry
Physical Wood Hammer Grass User take recoil damage
Physical Attack Order Bug High critical hit ratio
Other Defend Order Bug Raises user's Defence and Special Defense
Other Heal Order Bug Restores half of max HP