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The Manaphy Egg[edit]

Manaphy, #490
Manaphy is a "Legendary" Pokémon, similar to Mew and Celebi in many ways, most notably that to get it requires an outside source (outside of the Generation IV Pokémon games), and its base stats are all the same at 100, the same as Mew.


  • Two (2) Nintendo DS Systems (for transferring the egg)
  • One (1) Pokémon Diamond or Pearl game
  • One (1) Pokémon Ranger game
  • A couple of hours

The Manaphy Code[edit]

The Manaphy Code is not the actual code to obtain Manaphy, it is to obtain the extra mission in Pokémon Ranger to get the egg. To unlock the ability to even get to put in the code, the player must complete all normally required missions of Pokémon Ranger and complete the 3 other extra missions. After that, when the player goes into the menu that allowed for the extra missions, they also have the choice, after pressing "R", "X", and Left simultaneously, to enter a code. Depending on Pokémon Ranger's region, the code is:

North America/Oceania - P8M2 9D6F 43H7<br\> Europe - Mg35 Cpb8 4FW8<br\> German - R3d4 cv2S WC7W<br\> Spain - C58f t3WT Vn79<br\>

Japanese players had to attend a special event in order to enable to mission. After completing the Manaphy Egg extra mission, the egg is now ready to be transferred through the Mystery Gift option in Pokémon Diamond or Pearl.

Mission: Recover the Precious Egg[edit]

Transferring the Egg[edit]

To transfer the Manaphy egg, the player should turn on the Nintendo DS with the Ranger game already inserted, go to the main screen, then the Ranger Net option, and choose to send over the egg and follow all directions that it gives the player to transfer. After the egg is transferred onto the Pokémon Diamond or Pearl game, the player should then go to any Poké Mart and talk to the man in green to receive the egg. The egg will hatch with time, yielding a level 1 Manaphy.

Getting Phione[edit]

Phiones are the result of breeding a Manaphy with a Ditto. Putting both a Manaphy and a Ditto into the Day-Care and walking around for a short amount of time should yield an egg, which will hatch into Phione.

Phione is currently the only Pokémon that can be obtained by breeding a legendary.