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Mail is the cheapest item in the game at 50Pokebuck.png. It lets you give the receiver on the end of a trade a short message. A neat item, but if you don't trade it's kind of worthless.

Name Design Location
Air Mail Red, blue and white borders with a white background. Jubilife City Poké Mart
Bloom Mail Purple and Pink Flowers with a pink background. Floaroma Town Poké Mart
Bubble Mail Small bubbles with a blue background. Veilstone Department Store
Flame Mail Yellow fire with a red background. Veilstone Department Store
Grass Mail Grassy borders that gets lighter colored in the middle. Veilstone Department Store
Heart Mail A big heart in the middle with a pink background. Hearthome City Poké Mart
Snow Mail Icicles and a blizzard, has a light blue background. Snowpoint City Poké Mart
Space Mail A purple galaxy with a dark purple background. Veilstone Department Store
Steel Mail Grey with borders around the message. Sunyshore City Poké Mart
Tunnel Mail Light brown spikey borders with a brown background. Oreburgh City Poké Mart