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At the end of route 221 is the pal park. This allows you to migrate pokemon from: Ruby, Saphire, Emerald, Fire red, and Leaf green. Rules with migrating: 1. can only migrate from one game pack a day. 2. cannot change clock on DS. However if you restart the gamepak you can migrate again in the same day. So this will make it easy to get all 3 starters from kanto and hoenn. but to get the 3 Jhoto starters you must complete the hoenn pokedex 3 times! Note: only hoenn pokemon is required so not pokemon like machop or marill. it would be faster to trade from heartgold and soulsilver games. It's even more tricky with the 3 legendary beasts. and latios and latias. your gonna be restarting these games so many time just to get those pokemon.