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The Pal Park becomes available to you once you have received the National Pokédex. To receive the National Pokédex, you must have seen all 150 Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokédex.

Once you have seen all 150 Pokémon, go to Prof. Rowan's lab. As you talk with him, Prof. Oak will walk in, and they will talk for a while. At the end, Prof. Oak updates your Pokédex to the National version, and tells you about the Pal Park in Route 221. He will then leave.

On your first visit to the Pal Park you will have to travel through Route 221. It is mostly water with a grassy area at the end. The trainers there have Pokémon in there low 30's to high 20's. This should not be too hard to get through, though it may be rather long. Once you reach the end, the Pal Park is automatically added to your Fly locations. Now, here are the basics of the Pal Park:

  1. Save and turn off your DS
  2. Insert Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald version into the GBA Game Slot in the DS
  3. Turn the DS on
  4. Do NOT go to the GBA game: start up Pokémon Diamond or Pearl
  5. Press start; on the menu, go to "Migrate from (GBA Game)"
  6. It will tell you that once you migrate Pokémon, they can NEVER be returned
  7. If this is OK, proceed with picking your six Pokémon that will migrate (you can only migrate Pokémon from your PC)
  8. Once you pick six Pokémon, it will ask you one more time if it's OK that your Pokémon cannot be returned; if this is OK, hit A button
  9. It will save data on both games, then take you back to the Diamond or Pearl menu

Now, a couple things you should know before you start your journey into the Pal Park: First, any item that the Pokémon you migrated was holding it WILL STILL BE HOLDING. Second, Legendary Pokémon are harder to encounter in the Pal Park.

With that in mind, talk to the man standing in front of the entrance. He will ask you if you want to take the Pal Park challenge. Say yes, and he will hand you six Park Balls. Now head on in.

Now, as mentioned earlier, Legendary Pokémon take longer to find, and higher level Pokémon also seem to be harder to find as well. Also, make sure to bring a Pokémon that can Surf in your party, because you can only catch Water-Type Pokémon in the water. So run around in the grass or Surf in the water until you find your Pokémon. Once you do, throw your Park Ball at it. It will catch the Pokémon without fail.

Once you catch all six of your migrated Pokémon, you will hear a "ding-dong". You will then exit.

When you come out, the man will announce your score, and give you a berry (wow) as a reward. He will then ask you if you want the caught Pokémon transferred to your PC. Say "Yes".

Also, all the Pokémon you caught will be added to your Pokédex. Now take a look at your rare and new Pokémon from the Pal Park!