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Taste Condition Raised
Spicy Cool
Sweet Cute
Bitter Smart
Sour Tough
Dry Beauty

Poffins are treats made from berries that raise a Pokémon's Condition, similar to the Pokéblocks from Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. A Pokémon's Condition helps in Pokémon Contests because you can get more points during the Dressing round when your Pokémon has a higher Condition. To make a Poffin, do the following:

  1. Choose which berry you want to cook
  2. Next a countdown begins and it is time to stir your Poffin.
    • The arrow points in the direction that you need to stir. Rotate your Stylus in the direction to stir. The direction will change periodically; when this happens, stir in the opposite direction.
    • If you stir too fast, the batter will overflow. This will lower the quality of your Poffin. A general rule is stir slowly when the batter is thin, and as it thickens stir faster.
    • When the stirring direction changes, the batter is still for a moment until you start stirring in the new direction. If you let the batter sit too long, it will burn, lowering the status of your Poffin.
  3. Your Poffin is done when you've stirred it long enough. Now you will see what type of Poffin it is and what level it's at. The higher the level, the better.

Different berries make different types of Poffins with the taste determining what Condition it raises. You can tell what type of Poffin a Pokémon likes by hitting X button and accessing its Summary.