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Balls are tools you use to catch wild Pokémon. More become available to buy as you beat more Gym Leaders.

Name Description Price Notes Location
Poké Ball The most basic capturing tool with a low success rate Pokebuck.png200 Works best on Pokémon between levels 1 and 20, normal catch rate (x1) All Poké Marts
Premier Ball A special commemorative Poké Ball Received when you buy bundles of ten Poké Balls, normal catch rate (x1) You can only get one at a time with a purchase of ten or more Poké Balls; that is, if you buy 20 Poké Balls, you will still only recieve 1 Premier Ball N/A
Great Ball Better success rate than a Poké Ball Pokebuck.png500 Works best on Pokémon between levels 25 and 40, better catch rate (x1.5) all Poké Marts after defeating Veilstone Gym
Ultra Ball Very high success rate at capturing strong Pokémon Pokebuck.png1,200 Works best on Pokémon between levels 40 and 80, high catch rate (x2) All Poké Marts after defeating Hearthome Gym
Master Ball Catches any Pokémon at any level with 100% success rate N/A It is extremely hard to get another one in the game, so use it sparingly Team Galactic Headquarters and Jubilife TV building Lottery
Dive Ball Works well on Pokémon that live in the water N/A The effect is slightly different from RSE, where the Dive Ball was more effective for Pokémon living on the sea floor A possible reward from the Pokémon News Press in Solaceon.
Dusk Ball Much higher success rate at night or in caves Pokebuck.png1,000 Useful for catching Legendary Pokémon in caves, changing catch rate (x1 not in cave or at night, x4 in cave or at night) Solacean Town, Pastoria City, and Elite Four shop
Heal Ball Restores the captured Pokémon's HP and heals and status problems for immediate use upon capture Pokebuck.png300 only useful if you don't have a full roster of Pokémon Jubilife City, Oreburgh City, and Elite Four shop
Luxury Ball Makes the Pokémon caught grow friendlier faster Pokebuck.png1,000 Unlike past Pokémon games, the Luxury Ball can now be bought, normal catch rate (x1) Sunnyshore City and Elite Four shop
Nest Ball Much higher success rate if the target's HP is low Pokebuck.png1,000 none Eterna City, Hearthome City, and Elite Four shop
Net Ball Much higher success rate if used on a Bug- or Water-Type Pokémon Pokebuck.png1,000 none Oreburgh City, Floaroma Town, and Elite Four shop
Quick Ball Much higher success rate if used at the start of a battle Pokebuck.png1,000 none Pastoria City, Celestic Town, and Elite Four shop
Repeat Ball Works better on Pokémon that you have caught prior Pokebuck.png1,000 Changing catch rate (x1 if Pokémon has not been owned, x3 if it has or is) Canalave City and Elite Four shop
Timer Ball The more turns in a battle, the higher the catch rate gets. Maxes out at x4. Pokebuck.png1,000 none Celestic Town or Snowpoint City
Safari Balls 30 received when you enter the Great Marsh. Medium catch rate. Pokebuck.png500 Payment also gives you access to the Great Marsh Great Marsh building
Park Balls balls used exclusively for catching migrated Pokémon in the Pal Park. Has 100% catch rate N/A six free for every six Pokémon you migrate Pal Park
Cherish Balls Balls that Event Pokémon come in N/A none none