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Whenever you encounter a wild Pokémon, it has a chance to have an item attached. These are most likely to be berries, but you may find a rare item attached occasionally.

Pokémon Held Item
Rattata Chilan Berry (Very Rare)
Raticate Chilan Berry (Very Rare)
Fearow Sharp Beak (Very Rare)
Pikachu Oran Berry (Rare)/Light Ball (Very Rare)
Sandshrew Quick Claw (Very Rare)
Sandslash Quick Claw (Very Rare)
Clefairy Leppa Berry (Rare)/Moon Stone (Very Rare)
Vulpix Rawst Berry (Always)
Paras Tinymushroom (Rare)/Big Mushroom (Very Rare)
Venomoth Shed Shell (Very Rare)
Diglett Soft Sand (Very Rare)
Dugtrio Soft Sand (Very Rare)
Meowth Quick Claw (Very Rare)
Mankey Payapa Berry (Very Rare)
Primeape Payapa Berry (Very Rare)
Growlithe Rawst Berry (Always)
Poliwhirl King's Rock (Very Rare)
Abra Twisted Spoon (Very Rare)
Kadabra Twisted Spoon (Very Rare)
Tentacool Poison Barb (Very Rare)
Tentacruel Poison Barb (Very Rare)
Geodude Everstone (Very Rare)
Graveler Everstone (Very Rare)
Ponyta Shuca Berry (Very Rare)
Slowpoke Lagging Tail (Very Rare)
Magnemite Metal Coat (Very Rare)
Farfetch'd Stick (Very Rare)
Doduo Sharp Beak (Very Rare)
Grimer Nugget (Very Rare)
Shellder Pearl (Rare)/Big Pearl (Very Rare)
Cubone Thick Club (Very Rare)
Lickitung Lagging Tail (Very Rare)
Weezing Smoke Ball (Very Rare)
Chansey Oval Stone (Rare)/Lucky Egg (Very Rare)
Horsea Dragon Scale (Very Rare)
Seadra Dragon Scale (Very Rare)
Staryu Stardust (Rare)/Star Piece (Very Rare)
Mr. Mime Leppa Berry (Very Rare)
Ditto Quick Powder (Rare)/Metal Powder (Very Rare)
Dratini Dragon Scale (Very Rare)
Dragonair Dragon Scale (Very Rare)
Sentret Oran Berry (Very Rare)
Chinchou Deepseascale (Very Rare)
Lanturn Deepseascale (Very Rare)
Pichu Oran Berry (Very Rare)
Cleffa Leppa Berry (Rare)/Moon Stone (Very Rare)
Sunkern Coba Berry (Very Rare)
Yanma Wide Lens (Very Rare)
Girafarig Persim Berry (Very Rare)
Steelix Metal Coat (Very Rare)
Qwilfish Poison Barb (Very Rare)
Shuckle Oran Berry (Always)
Sneasel Grip Claw (Rare)/Quick Claw (Very Rare)
Corsola Hard Stone (Very Rare)
Phanpy Passho Berry (Very Rare)
Smoochum Aspear Berry (Always)
Elekid Electirizer (In Diamond, Rare. In Pearl, Very Rare.)
Magby Magmarizer (In Pearl, Rare. In Diamond, Very Rare.)
Miltank MooMoo Milk (Always)
Mightyena Pecha Berry (Very Rare)
Zigzagoon Oran Berry (Very Rare)
Beautifly Shed Shell (Very Rare)
Dustox Shed Shell (Very Rare)
Swellow Charti Berry (Very Rare)
Shroomish Kebia Berry (Very Rare)
Loudred Chesto Berry (Very Rare)
Nosepass Hard Stone (Very Rare)
Skitty Leppa Berry (Very Rare)
Mawile Occa Berry (Very Rare)
Aron Hard Stone (Very Rare)
Roselia Poison Barb (Very Rare)
Gulpin Big Pearl (Very Rare)
Carvanha Deepseatooth (Very Rare)
Sharpedo Deepseatooth (Very Rare)
Numel Rawst Berry (Always)
Camerupt Rawst Berry (Always)
Spoink Tanga Berry (Very Rare)
Spinda Chesto Berry (Very Rare)
Trapinch Soft Sand (Very Rare)
Cacnea Sticky Barb (Very Rare)
Cacturne Sticky Barb (Very Rare)
Zangoose Quick Claw (Very Rare)
Lunatone Moon Stone (Very Rare)
Solrock Sun Stone (Very Rare)
Castform Mystic Water (Always)
Kecleon Persim Berry (Very Rare)
Banette Spell Tag (Very Rare)
Duskull Kasib Berry (Very Rare)
Dusclops Kasib Berry (Very Rare)
Chimecho Kolbur Berry (Very Rare)
Snorunt Babiri Berry (Very Rare)
Clamperl Big Pearl (Very Rare)
Relicanth Deepseascale (Very Rare)
Luvdisc Heart Scale (Rare)
Bagon Dragon Fang (Very Rare)
Beldum Metal Coat (Very Rare)
Starly Yache Berry (Very Rare)
Staravia Yache Berry (Very Rare)
Bibarel Oran Berry (Rare)/Sitrus Berry (Very Rare)
Kricketot Metronome (Very Rare)
Kricketune Metronome (Very Rare)
Budew Poison Barb (Very Rare)
Combee Honey (Always)
Buizel Wacan Berry (Very Rare)
Floatzel Wacan Berry (Very Rare)
Cherubi Miracle Seed (Very Rare)
Buneary Chople Berry (Very Rare)
Glameow Cheri Berry (Very Rare)
Purugly Cheri Berry (Very Rare)
Chingling Colbur Berry (Very Rare)
Stunky Pecha Berry (Very Rare)
Skutank Pecha Berry (Very Rare)
Bronzor Metal Coat (Very Rare)
Bronzong Metal Coat (Very Rare)
Mime Jr. Leppa Berry (Very Rare)
Happiny Oval Stone (Rare)/Lucky Punch (Very Rare)
Chatot Metronome (Very Rare)
Gible Haban Berry (Very Rare)
Munchlax Leftovers (Always)
Skorupi Poison Barb (Very Rare)
Drapion Poison Barb (Very Rare)
Croagunk Black Sludge (Very Rare)
Toxicroak Black Sludge (Very Rare)
Finneon Rindo Berry (Very Rare)
Lumineon Rindo Berry (Very Rare)
Snover Nevermeltice (Very Rare)
Abomasnow Nevermeltice (Very Rare)