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Floaroma Town is the town of Flowers. Thus being so, there is a berry shop in town that will exchange Accessories for Super Contests and decorations for your Secret Base for a certain amount of a certain berry. Also, in the Floaroma Meadow, just to the north of town, a guy will sell you Honey for Pokebuck.png100.

Poké Mart[edit]

  • Poké Ball: Pokebuck.png200
  • Heal Ball: Pokebuck.png1000
  • Net Ball: Pokebuck.png1000
  • Potion: Pokebuck.png300
  • Super Potion: Pokebuck.png700
  • Antidote: Pokebuck.png100
  • Awakening: Pokebuck.png250
  • Paralyze Heal: Pokebuck.png200
  • Burn Heal: Pokebuck.png250
  • Ice Heal: Pokebuck.png250
  • Repel: Pokebuck.png350
  • Escape Rope: Pokebuck.png550
  • Air Mail: Pokebuck.png50

Flower Shop[edit]

Item Number of Berries Type of Berry
Black Specs 20 Wepear Berry
Blue Flower 30 Cornn Berry
Cape 250 Cornn Berry
Carpet 100 Spelon Berries
Colored Parasol 50 Magost Berries
Confetti 30 Razz Berries
Fluffy Bed 150 Watmel Berries
Googly Specs 20 Nomel Berries
Gorgeous Specs 40 Pinap Berries
Mirror Ball 250 Durin Berries
Old Umbrella 50 Pamtre Berries
Orange Flower 15 Magost Berries
Photo Board 200 Belue Berries
Pink Flower 10 Bluk Berries
Red Flower 10 Razz Berries
Retro Pipe 120 Pamtre Berries
Spotlight 80 Nomel Berries
Standing Mike 80 Bluk Berries
Surfboard 180 Wepear Berries
Sweet Candy 30 Nanab Berries
White Flower 10 Nanab Berries
Yellow Flower 15 Rabuta Berries

First Time Events[edit]

Get the Sprayduck and a Berry[edit]

Inside the flower shop, there is a lady who will give you a Sprayduck, a can that will allow you to grow more berries on a single plant. A nearby clerk will also hand you a freebie- a Berry.

Get a TM[edit]

Inside the house to the left of the flower shop, there is a young girl with a Clefairy. Answer yes to her question to receive TM88 (Pluck).

Team Galactic Agents[edit]

Two Team Galactic Agents are blocking the entrance to Floaroma Meadow, and they are too busy talking amongst themselves to notice you. Ignore them for now, and head east to Route 205.

Return Visit Events[edit]

Battle for the Windworks Key[edit]

After beating the guard at the entrance to Valley Windworks, return here to battle the two grunts at Floaroma Meadow for the second key. The guy that sells Honey will be so grateful that he will give you a free sample.

Use the Honey[edit]

You may spread the Honey on the golden tree next to the house in Floaroma Meadow. Slather the tree with honey and return 6 to 24 hours later. You may find a Pokémon in the tree. This is the only way to get several Pokémon, so try it often!

Items in Floaroma Meadow[edit]

Note: Floaroma Meadow has two sides. Most of these items can only be reached from the other side, which you enter from Fuego Ironworks.

  • Potionx2 (hidden)
  • Revive (hidden)
  • Full Heal (hidden)
  • Honeyx4 (hidden)
  • Hyper Potion (hidden)
  • Super Potion (hidden)
  • Paralyze Heal (hidden)
  • Max Revive (hidden)
  • PP Up (hidden)
  • Antidote (hidden)
  • Leaf Stone
  • Rare Candy
  • Miracle Seed
  • Honey (bought from the man a little ways from the house in the Meadows): 100Pokebuck.png

If you want to catch a Budew, go into the long grass opposite the cave and stand right in the end clump of grass. You'll be attacked by a Budew which you can catch.