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Eterna City is the bicycling capitol of Sinnoh and the location of the second Gym Leader, Gardenia.

When you enter town, a fresh face, Cynthia, will meet you outside the Galactic Building and hand you HM01 (Cut). Head down and enter the bike shop to discover that it's clerk, Rad Rickshaw, is not there. Talk to the boy at the table, and he will tell you that the manager went off to the Galactic Building and hasn't returned. The thing is, the Galactic Building is barricaded by trees that need cutting down, and you can't use Cut until you get another Gym badge. Sounds like now you need to take a visit to Gym #2.


  • Speak to a woman in the Pokémon Center to receive the Friendship Checker app for your Pokétch.
  • Next door to the Pokémon Center, you will find the Underground Man who will give you an Explorer's Kit.
  • On the ground floor of the Eterna City Condominiums, you will find the Name Rater and a boy who will trade you his Chatot for a Buizel.
  • On the second floor of the Eterna Condominiums, speak to an old woman to obtain TM67 (Recycle).
  • At the southern end of town, you will find an empty house. Return later on after you have the game to find the resident has returned, and he will hand you an Upgrade.
  • Head into the exit building down to the south to find one of Professor Rowan's assistant, who, if you have met the Pokédex quota, will reward you with the Exp. Share.
  • If you make space in your party before you get your bike from the shop, a woman named Cynthia will give you an egg containting Togepi, which will hatch after the required number of steps (Platinum only)

Poké Mart[edit]

  • Poké Ball: Pokebuck.png200
  • Heal Ball: Pokebuck.png1000
  • Net Ball: Pokebuck.png1000
  • Potion: Pokebuck.png300
  • Super Potion: Pokebuck.png700
  • Antidote: Pokebuck.png100
  • Awakening: Pokebuck.png250
  • Paralyze Heal: Pokebuck.png200
  • Burn Heal: Pokebuck.png250
  • Ice Heal: Pokebuck.png250
  • Repel: Pokebuck.png350
  • Escape Rope: Pokebuck.png550
  • Air Mail: Pokebuck.png50

Herb Shop[edit]

This shop, located to the right of the Team Galactic Building, sells herbal medicine. It is cheaper than the Poké Mart equivalent, but its bitter taste makes Pokémon dislike you for feeding it to them.

  • Energypowder: Pokebuck.png 500
  • Energy Root: Pokebuck.png 800
  • Heal Powder: Pokebuck.png 450
  • Revival Herb: Pokebuck.png 2800

Gym badge #2[edit]

The Eterna City Gym can be very confusing at first. You must locate and battle every trainer in the gym in able to challenge Gardenia herself. You will find the first trainer in the upper left-hand corner and challenge him. Once you have defeated him, he will reveal a clue to where you will find the next trainer. This will continue on until you defeat all four trainers. Gardenia wields all Grass-type Pokémon, so she will be devastating to those who chose Piplup, very difficult for those who chose Turtwig and of low difficulty for those fortunate enough to select Chimchar. For those with Piplup and Turtwig, you will be able to catch the only other Fire-Type available in the game, Ponyta, to the east on Route 211. However if you chose to Piplup or Turtwig you might want to catch a Starly and train it to lv 9 so it learns wing attack keep training starly as grass are also weak against flying type moves

Team Galactic Building[edit]

Once you have beaten Gardenia and gained usage of Cut, teach the HM to one of your Pokémon, and head over to the Team Galactic Building and use Cut to gain entrance. As you ascend to your destination, you will be fight in a few battles with Galactic Grunts. Once you have reached the fourth floor, speak to Galactic Commander Jupiter, and prepare for battle. With Jupiter's defeat, Rad Rickshaw will be freed. Return to his shop later to receive a brand spanking new Bicycle.