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Solaceon Town is a small, out-of-the-way town you will encounter around the middle of your quest. Despite it being small, it is definitely not insignificant. There are several services here that you will probably use for the rest of the game.

Points of Interest[edit]

  • Talk to the first man standing on the yellow path in the center of town. He will give you the Pokémon History App for your Pokétch, which shows you the last twelve Pokémon you have acquired.
  • The Newspaper Publisher house is located next to the Pokémon Center. The man inside will tell you to bring a certain Pokémon to him so he can write up an article for it. If you don't bring it within 24 hours, the deal is off. If you do bring the Pokémon within the time limit they will give you 3 of a random type of Poké Ball. The most commonly received Balls are Dusk Balls, Quick Balls, and Timer Balls. You may also receive Dive Balls, Great Balls, Heal Balls, Luxury Balls, Nest Balls, Net Balls, Poké Balls, Repeat Balls, and Ultra Balls.
  • The Pokémon Daycare is located in the top left corner of Solaceon Town. It is definitely the town's best aspect. This is how it works: Drop one or two Pokémon off at the daycare with the lady. For each step you take, each Pokémon in the daycare will gain 1 Exp. Point. This is a great way to level up weak Pokémon. There are two catches to the service. The first is the fact that the daycare services are not free. For each Pokémon you put in the daycare, you are automatically charged Pokebuck.png100. Then, for each additional level that is gained you are charged another Pokebuck.png100. The second catch is the fact that you can choose which move your Pokémon will forget when it levels up and learns a new move. A Pokémon will not forget an HM move in this process, but it may lose good battle moves. For example, you could lose the move Shadow Claw to the move Leer. However, there is a way to prevent this: know when your Pokémon is going to learn the new move, and when it gets to the level before that, Fly or run back to the town quickly (Flying is better as you will not risk leveling it up on the way back). Then pull your Pokémon out of the daycare and level it up to the next level yourself. Don't learn the move, and then return it to the daycare once more. Or, order your Pokémon's moves so that the first move in its attack lineup is a move you wouldn't mind losing. that move will be replaced and the move learned in its stead will be moved to the bottom of the lineup. So, if you're going to leave your Pokémon in there for a while, order their moves accordingly. Also, if you have 2 Pokémon in the daycare, there is a chance that they will lay an egg. for more info, look here. Also, Pokémon that evolve by leveling up will not evolve if they reach that level while in the daycare. They must be in your party in order for them to evolve.
  • After dropping off at least one Pokémon in the daycare, leave and return. Speak to the man now sitting at the table. He will give you the Daycare Checker App, which allows you to check on Pokémon staying at the Daycare.
  • Visit the home hidden by ledges in the eastern half of the town. The lady inside will give you a Seal Case. After speaking with her son in Solaceon Ruins, return to this house. If you have an Unown in the top slot of your roster, you will receive ten seals of the corresponding letter!