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Name Obtained
Journal From your mother after you get Pokédex.
Town Map From your RIVAL after you deliver the package.
Old Rod Fisherman in Route 218 entrance building.
Pal Pad Oreburgh City Pokémon center (downstairs).
Fashion Case Received after defeating grunts in Jubilife City.
Sprayduck Can Received in Floaroma Town flower shop.
Works Key Defeat the grunts in the secret garden and they leave the key.
Explorer Kit Received in Eterna City, in building next to Pokémon center.
Bicycle Get from the Bike Shop in Eterna City after you release owner.
Vs. Seeker Received after cycling road on Route 206.
Poffin Case Received at the Pokémon fan club in Hearthome City.
Good Rod Received from Fisherman on Route 209.
Seal Case Received in Solaceon Town in a house, east side of town.
Coin Case Guess the right hand from the Jester in Veilstone City house.
SecretPotion Received from Cynthia after the Hotel area.
Old Charm Received from Cynthia after you heal the Psyducks.
Storage Key Found outside the Galactic HQ in Veilstone City.
Galactic Key Found in the Galactic Warehouse.
Poke Radar From Prof. Rowan after you fill Sinnoh Dex.
Super Rod From fisherman at the Battle Zone.