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The underground contains similar aspects of Spectrobes in it. This is because you can scan the ground with your Stylus, and you can locate sparkles on the ground. If they are in a wall, you can dig them up and exavate colored orbs. Orbs come in several different colors; red, blue, green, and yellow. There are also treasures such as Prism Spheres or rare Diamond and Pearl Items, such as Moon Stones, Thunderstones, and Heart Scales.

If the sparkle is just on the ground, do not step on it as it may be a trap. Instead, go to the square in front of it and press A button. You will disengage the trap and you can set it wherever you wish. The other thing a sparkle on the ground could be is a buried Sphere.

You also have a radar on the top screen that tells you where hidden objects are. They appear all the time as little sparkles on the radar.

You can also make Secret Bases in the Underground, which are very similar to those from Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire. Unlike Ruby and Sapphire, however, you must obtain a Digger Drill from the Underground Man or trade for one in the Underground. Once you do this, go to "Traps" and use your Drill on a wall space. Once you do this, the Drill will break, and if you want to move your Base you'll have to acquire a new one.

You can also decorate your Secret Base. You can put up to 15 items at a time in your Base, and if you want different ones you'll have to switch out a few items. You can get decorations from three different places: the Underground Man, the Veilstone Department Store, or the Battle Tower. The Underground Man gives you a few basic items once you create a first Secret Base with the Digger Drill he gives you. You can buy unlimited copies of decorations from the Veilstone Department Store, and You can get trophies for beating certain amounts of trainers in a row at the Battle Tower.

There are several items that are obtainable in the underground, but they can be grouped into three categories: Fossils, Treasures, and Spheres.


Spheres are the most common items in the underground. They can be obtained by excavating them when you dig into a wall. Almost every single wall contains at least one Sphere.

You have a limit to how many Spheres you can carry (about 35), so obviously you will have to get rid of some. However, you can do something more worthful than just throwing them away. You can bury them in the ground, and they will grow in size every day. if you wait several days, even the tiniest sphere can be turned into a size 60 or larger!

Sphere List[edit]

Name/Color Rarity
Blue Sphere Very Common
Red Sphere Common
Green Sphere Common
Pale Sphere Uncommon
Prism Sphere Rare


Fossils are very rare items in the Underground that can be turned into level 20 Pokémon at the Coal Mining Museum in Oreburgh City. Leave the laboratory, then re-enter, to allow the scientist enough time to resurrect the Pokémon.

Fossil List[edit]

Name Pokémon Revived Into
Skull Fossil Cranidos (Diamond Only)
Armor Fossil Shieldon (Pearl Only)
Dome Fossil Kabuto (National Pokedex needed)
Helix Fossil Omanyte (National Pokedex needed)
Claw Fossil Anorith (National Pokedex needed)
Root Fossil Lileep (National Pokedex needed)
Old Amber Aerodactyl (National Pokedex needed)


Treasures are rare items in the Underground that can be put into your Bag in the overworld. They can be items to sell, rare Type-boosting items, or rare weather-prolongers.

Treasure List[edit]

Name Effect
Moon Stone Evolves certain Pokémon
Leaf Stone Evolves certain Grass-Type Pokémon
Fire Stone Evolves certain Fire-Type Pokémon
Water Stone Evolves certain Water-Type Pokémon
Sun Stone Evolves certain Pokémon
Thunderstone Evolves certain Electric-Type Pokémon
Hard Stone boosts Rock-Type moves' power
Zap Plate boosts Electric-Type moves' power
Toxic Plate boosts Poison-Type moves' power
Meadow Plate boosts Grass-Type moves' power
Iron Plate boosts Steel-Type moves' power
Stone Plate boosts Rock-Type moves' power
Earth Plate boosts Ground-Type moves' power
Mind Plate boosts Psychic-Type moves' power
Icicle Plate boosts Ice-Type moves' power
Spooky Plate boosts Ghost-Type moves' power
Fist Plate boosts Fighting-Type moves' power
Draco Plate boosts Dragon-Type moves' power
Fire Plate boosts Fire-Type moves' power
Insect Plate boosts Bug-Type moves' power
Splash Plate boosts Water-Type moves' power
Dread Plate boosts Dark-Type moves' power
Sky Plate boosts Flying-Type moves' power
Light Clay Extends the turns the moves Reflect and Light Screen last
Iron Ball Reduces holder's Speed, and makes Flying Types and Pokémon with the ability Levitate susceptible to Ground Type moves
Ice Rock lengthens the amount of turns of the move Hail
Heat Rock lengthens the amount of turns of the move Sunny Day
Smooth Rock lengthens the amount of turns of the move Sandstorm
Damp Rock lengthens the amount of turns of the move Rain Dance
Heart Scale paid to the Move Relearner so your Pokémon can relearn a move
Revive revives a fainted Pokémon and restores its HP by 1/2
Max Revive Revives a fainted Pokémon to full HP
Everstone keeps the holder from evolving
Star Piece can be sold for a high price at shops(4900)
Rare Bone can be sold for a high price at shops(5k)
Odd keystone can be placed in the hollowed tower to catch Spiritomb.


The Flags are obtainable from other players' Secret Bases, at their PCs. Obtaining a flag greatly boosts your Underground score, plus obtaining enough flags gains you upgrades for your Secret Base.

Colour Flags Needed Items Placeable Removable boulders
Regular Flag 0 10 0
Bronze Flag 1 13 2
Silver Flag 3 14 4
Gold Flag 20 15 6
Platinum Flag 50 15 All

The Platinum flag also upgrades your Trainer Card by one star.