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The Team Galactic HQ (Japanese: ギンガだんアジト Team Galactic Hideout) is one of the main centers for Team Galactic's operations. It housed the legendary Pokémon Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit for a brief time.

When you get to the first set of Yellow circles (there's 2 of them), go to the left one to bring you to the Galactic Key, which you need to get to the boss. Then after you get the Key go through the doors and it will make you go the same way you went the first time all the way back to the 2 circles, then go to the right circle to get TM Snatch and then go back to the left one again.

Go to the Warehouse first to get the Galactic Key and then go to the Galactic HQ to find the boss.


  • Galactic Grunt:
    • Golbat L 37
  • Galactic Grunt
    • Dustox L35,
    • Bronzor L35
  • Galactic Grunt:
    • Glameow L37
  • Galactic Grunt:
    • Wurmple L32,
    • Cascoon L34,
    • Dustox L36
  • Scientist:
    • Kadabra L35
    • Kadabra L35
  • Galactic Grunt:
    • Stunky L37
  • Galactic Grunt:
    • Bronzor L36,
    • Stunky L36

Galactic Grunt:

    • Golbat L36
    • Golbat L36
  • Galactic Grunt:
    • Golbat L36,
    • Silcoon L34
  • Scientist:
    • Kadabra L35,
    • Kadabra L35
  • Galactic Grunt (double battle):
    • Stunky L36,
    • Croagunk L36
  • Galactic Grunt (double battle):
    • Croagunk L35,
    • Stunky L35,
    • Glameow L35

After all these you battle Galactic Boss Cyrus. Beat him and he gives Master Ball they stop their plans. Follow his instructions and walk to a lab, press a button to transfer the captured legendaries back to their lakes.



Master Ball

Max Revive

TM49 (Snatch)

TM36 (Sludge Bomb)

TM21 (Frustration)