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Uxie in Acuity Cavern.

Lake Acuity (エイチこ Eichi Lake?) is home to Uxie, a Pokémon of the legendary trio.

Surf to its middle and enter Acuity cavern. If you have beaten Team Galactic at its headquarters and released Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf from the lab, Uxie will be waiting for you here. Save the game and start battle.

Uxie is easy to capture; weaken it, send out a Pokémon with much more leftover HP and start throwing Ultra or Dusk Balls. Try hard and you will get it.


Pokémon Found in long grass
Pokémon Type Levels Version Morn Day Night
Chingling 34, 36 D/P Some Some Some
Sneasel 35, 36 D/P Some Some Some
Psyduck 34, 35, 36 D/P Many Many Some
Bibarel 34, 35 D/P Many Many Some
Noctowl 34, 36 D/P N/A N/A Some
Pokémon Found by surfing
Pokémon Type Levels Version Morn Day Night
Psyduck 34, 35, 36 D/P Many Many Many
Golduck D/P Few Few Few
Pokémon Found by fishing
Pokémon Type Levels Version Old rod Good rod Super rod
Magikarp D/P Many Many N/A
Gyarados D/P N/A N/A Many
Goldeen D/P N/A Some N/A
Seaking D/P N/A N/A Some
Pokémon found in special ways
Pokémon Type Levels Version Method
Wobbuffet 34, 35, 36 D/P/PL Poké Radar
Smoochum 35 D/P/PL Swarm
Pokémon Found with Dual-slot mode
Pokémon Type Levels Version Cartridge
TeddiursaPokemon 216Teddiursa.png D/P/PL Pokémon Emerald
UrsaringPokemon 217Ursaring.png 34, 36 D/P/PL Pokémon Emerald
SolrockPokemon 338Solrock.png 34, 36 D/P/PL Pokémon Ruby
LunatonePokemon 337Lunatone.png 34, 36 D/P/PL Pokémon Sapphire


  • TM 14: Blizzard (requires Surf HM)