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Press ENTER during gameplay and enter any of the following cheats.

  • torpedo# - kill all buildings and units of the specified player (replace "#" with a number from 2 to 8) Do not do "torpedo1" or your game will crash.
  • rock on - You gain 1000 more Stone instantly.
  • lumberjack - You gain 1000 more Wood instantly.
  • robin hood - You gain 1000 more Gold instantly.
  • cheese steak jimmy's - You gain 1000 more Food instantly.
  • marco - Reveal the entire Map
  • polo - Remove the Fog that hides the positions of enemy units.
  • aegis - Any buildings and units are built instantly.
  • natural wonders - Control the natural units.
  • resign - You lose instantly.
  • i r winner- You win instantly.
  • wimpywimpywimpy - All your units and buildings are destroyed.
  • i love the monkey head - Gives you a VDML.
  • how do you turn this on - Gives you a cobra car.
  • to smithereens - Gives you a Saboteur (suicide bomber).
  • black death - Destroy All Enemies instantly.
  • furious the monkey boy - Furious the Monkey in town center (only works in The Conquerors)
  • woofwoof: birds turn into dogs (only works in The Conquerors)