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With the Turks, Saracens and Byzantines, the Persians are one of the civilizations belonging to the Middle Eastern culture. Their major advantage is their strong economy and their strong cavalry. They start the game with 50 more food and wood than other civilizations. The villagers have 15% of work rate. Their knights have +2 attack bonus versus archers. Their unique unit is the War Elephant, a special cavalry unit that is extremely strong. They have a lot of hit points and attack, and their hit is effective to all the enemies surrounding them. But, they are very slow.

Guide for Using the Persians[edit]

One of the best uses of their unique unit, the War Elephant, is my massing them up and using them straight on. However, make sure you have them protected. Pikemen are strong against Elephants so remember to have plenty anti-infantry units around.