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Ghenghis Khan 1: The Crucible

The nomadic tribes of the deserts and steppes north of China, after spending centuries entangled in their own petty turf wars, finally have the hope of unification. Genghis Khan, leader of a tribe that is small even by the standard of Mongolians, is ready for his conquest of Asia and even the world. Within years, he organizes a highly disciplined army of horse archers to challenge the dominance of cultured Persia and Eastern Europe, and the technologically advanced empires in China.

Mission info[edit]

This mission is very straightforward; visit the camps and do what they say. There are large amounts of Kara Khitai in the rightmost corner so avoid them. There are twice as many sheep on the map as are needed to satisfy the blue tribe's request, but to speed the process up, steal them from the Kara Khitai. They keep around 10 sheep walled in along with cavalry archers, approximately 8 castle lengths north and 2 castle lengths east of the blue encampment. If you lure the defenders out properly, you will not even need to fight the KK. Between the cyan and purple camps there is a relic guarded by wolves. This is the easiest way to satisfy the request of the gray tribe. Save the Kill the Tayichi'uds/Naiman mission for last when you have the most troops, then kill the Tayichi'uds as they lack a watch tower.