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  1. King Henry V must survive.
  2. Acquire a Transport Ship in order to send Henry V home to England.


AoE2 - Agincourt Map.jpg


Slow solution[edit]

Here you will have no towncenter or other buildings throughout the whole scenario (completely impossible, as you have only 80 wood, so you cannot build a logger camp with a villager that you converted, and you are unable to convert any buildings).

The most important units are your monks, as you will try to convert any units you encounter, only kill them if that fails and your monks might die otherwise (the longbowman are incredible strong, so you can always wait until the last moment for a conversion to succeed or not). The units you don't really want to use up are the rams, since they will eat up your few ressources for repair, and you will not find any more, but the rams are also unnecessary to win. For razing buildings, you should use the King, as he has a lot of hit points and heals automatically over time (healing rate is just about the rate of damage a single tower deals).

Start the scenario by retreating away from the towers, just a very short distance to the north (gather approx. about where the northermost longbowman stands initially), and switch all units to passive stance, so the don't start killing without expressed consent. You will be attacked by knights, try to convert as many of them as possible, and kill the rest without loosing any units. If you retreated quickly enough, not all knights will be lured out of the burning mini-town, that gives your monks time to recover, so you can convert another three knights.

After that, you should stay where you are, just keep converting all the units that come towards you (mainly single spearman, and 3-men groups of crossbowmen and swordsmen), only kill units that you really can't convert and that threaten your monks. That way, you can increase your army to roughly 200 men.

Meanwhile, you can ride around with the King, use it to destroy gates, towers and the castle (which has no murder holes). It takes a while, but you are busy with micromanaging your monks anyway for quite some time.

By proceeding very cautiously, you eventually make your way around the map. When you come towards the road leading north, you'll receive messages athat the battle is just ahead. You see the large patch of mud across the road, just south of it is a hill slope. Here you should position your large number of crossbowmen (you can easily have around 40 by now), behind them the longbowmen, and in front of them the spearmen. The swordsmen can guard the flanks. Don't forget to change the units' stance away from passive. Ride north carefully with a light cavalry to pull a few (not all!) of the waiting enemy knights, and pull them into your massive ambush. You should be able to survive the battle without loosing a single unit.

After that, get the trebuchet from behind the wooden wall and raze the rest of the blue enemy. Expect small scale counterattacks by knights when you attack the two towers. The game ends as soon as you land your King by transport ship at the flagged gate on the english coast.

Faster solution[edit]

Convert 7-8 villagers and have them chop wood until they reach the maximum amount they can carry.

Build a farm with all of them. Now you have enough wood to build a lumbercamp. Accumulate enough wood to build enough houses, a dock and a transport ship. Transport King Henry V and win the campaign.

Fastest solution[edit]

Your mission is to "Acquire a Transport Ship in order to send Henry V home to England", so let's do this:

Go with Henry to Voyeni's city Gate to the North.

You can pass this Gate as a Villager gets out of the town, or by luring a soldier to pass it. If you cannot achieve this, destroy a part of the wall with your Rams.

Head North, by clicking on the the newly discovered French Knights (blue) Port.

When you arrive near Agincourt's Castle, you're warned that you'll face many French Knights. You can either circumvent them by the East or just continue your route. Even if they chase Henry, they're very unlikely to kill him.

When you'll arrive near the port, a transport Ship is waiting there and will be converted to your colour as you come close to it.

Board it quickly and sail to England in the South. Disembark and pass British (red) Gate to win the mission.


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