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  1. Defeat the Romans, Visigoths, and the Alans.


Available on the Steam website.


This level reminds much of deathmatch. You are against 3 enemies, all 3 of them on the opposite side of river, so you can gain some control by building docks, and controlling water area in general. Don't mind Frank buildings, you can either clear them up to build something or leave the buildings to be. You will be attacked early on, and probably later on, so make sure to have backup troops ready. Unlike usual AI's, Ostrogoths actually send in regular attacks on your enemies, so you might even gain breathing room. Your enemies have been granted with early castles, small cities and other valuable buildings, so you can't really compete. Make a well defended base, and start creating an army. Kill the weakest enemy first. You can find their cities by following the road.