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There are two ways to complete this map, the long way that include conquering the 3 enemy cities, with lots of fights, and the easy (tricky) way. I'll explain the second one.

At the beginning, you have an army constituted of the Cid, some Conquistadores and Knights, along with infantry, two Scorpion and two Monks.

A Knight of King Alfonso (blue) will guide you to the King and a battle between his army and Yuusuf's troops (green). Yuusuf will decimate Alfonso's troops, and even if you try to help them, another wave will come in support, so do not get involved in this fight. Anyway, Alfonso's troops will leave the map if they survive.

You have to bring the King to his camp in the west, so do this first. As he arrives to the camp, it will be converted to your color and you'll earn some villagers.

Immediately make all your villagers mine gold and buid a Temple. When you have enough gold, research Redemption

When the King is in safety, take El Cid and the two monks and head to the eastern enemy Ports. You'll find a transport in a bay,with two Towers alongside. Send El Cid to lure the Towers, then a Monk on the North side of the bay while the other Monk goes to its South, and convert the Transport ship.

If you cannot convert this ship (or do not want to), you can go to the cape to the south (enar the Stone Quarry and the Gold Mines), and convert a passing Transport from there.

Get quickly on the Transport with El Cid and the monks, head to the Port in the Southeast and drop a monk to convert it. Drop another near the eastern Port, convert it and destroy it.

Do the same with the other Ports. If they are protected by Towers, drop El Cid first to lure them.

When all the Ports are yours, drop El Cid on the African shore to win.

El Cid - Mission 4 (5:55)
Easy Way


  • There are many gold mines in the center of the map, picked by Black Guard Navy villagers (yellow) and protected by a Tower. Destroy the Mining Camp and the Tower to reduce the Black Guard Navy gold supply and eventually improve yours by mining there.
  • A Temple (a Wonder in fact) is located in the woods in the south of the base. If you go there and convert it with a monk, you can leave him next to it and he will learn Monk Technologies over time.