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Pixel Remaster[edit]

Xbox 360 icon. PlayStation network icon.
{{{360}}} 24
Gamerscore Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
{{{g}}} 10 6 7 This game has a platinum trophy.

There are 24 achievements and trophies on Steam and PlayStation 4.


Picture Name Description Trophy
Master of I Earned all achievements. 4: Platinum trophy Platinum
Sword of Myth Obtained Excalibur. 3: Gold trophy Gold
Hidden Game Played the 15 Puzzle game. 2: Silver trophy Silver
Seasoned Hero Reached level 50 for all party members. 3: Gold trophy Gold
Apprentice Warrior Defeated 100 monsters. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
Experienced Warrior Defeated 300 monsters. 2: Silver trophy Silver
Legendary Warrior Defeated 500 monsters. 3: Gold trophy Gold
Field Research- Basic Completed 10% of the Bestiary entries. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
Field Research- Advanced Completed 50% of the Bestiary entries. 2: Silver trophy Silver
Field Research- Professional Completed 100% of the Bestiary entries. 3: Gold trophy Gold
Thrifty Spender Obtained 10,000 gil. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
Smart Saver Obtained 50,000 gil. 2: Silver trophy Silver
Moneybags Obtained 100,000 gil. 3: Gold trophy Gold
Rookie Treasure Hunter Collected treasure from 10% of the chests. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
Veteran Treasure Hunter Collected treasure from 50% of the chests. 2: Silver trophy Silver
Legendary Treasure Hunter Collected treasure from 100% of the chests. 3: Gold trophy Gold
Adventurous Wayfarer Traveled to all the map locations. 3: Gold trophy Gold


Picture Name Description Trophy
A Hero's Journey Saved Princess Sarah by defeating Garland. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
Earth's Blessing Restored the Earth Crystal's light. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
Rekindled Flame Restored the Fire Crystal's light. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
Revitalizing Waters Restored the Water Crystal's light. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
Wind's Caress Restored the Wind Crystal's light. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
Token of Courage Gained titles of courage from Bahamut. 1: Bronze trophy Bronze
Prophecy Foretold Defeated Chaos and restored peace to the world. 2: Silver trophy Silver