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To unlock the Labyrinth of Time see the Labyrinth of Time page.
To unlock the four Souls of Chaos dungeons, see the Dawn of Souls walkthrough.

In Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition there are several unlockables that were not included in the original version of the game:

  • Art Gallery: View drawings and other artwork. Images are added as you complete certain tasks.
  • Bestiary: View images and stats of enemies. New entries are added after at least one of the monster has been defeated.
  • Music Player: Play any background music tracks.
  • Time Chamber: Return to any previously cleared floor of the Labyrinth of Time without having to make Sacrifices.
Unlockable How to unlock
Art Gallery Beat the game once
Bestiary Beat the game once
Music Player Beat the game once
Time Chamber Clear the Labyrinth of Time


While the Art Gallery is unlocked once the game is beaten, the 75 images are only made available after certain tasks are accomplished.

Images How to unlock
01-56 Complete the Bestiary (i.e. defeat one of each enemy in the game)
57 Clear Challenges 1-10 in the Labyrinth with "Unlock Blue Seal"
58 Clear Challenges 11-20 in the Labyrinth with "Unlock Blue Seal"
59 Clear Challenges 21-30 in the Labyrinth with "Unlock Blue Seal"
60-67 Beat the game once
68-75 Beat the game twice