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The Hellfire Chasm is located among the various Dragon Caves. It is on the middle southern island (the one with marsh lands). Access is granted once players have defeated the Fiend of Fire, Marilith.

Inside the Chasm entrance, an elf tells you that the Chasm is often used by royal elves to prove themselves. After the seal is opened, the elf comments that since the Prince is awake and able to rule, there may not be many elves coming to the Chasm in the near future.


Floor Map Treasure
1 Random Cockatrice Claw, Hermes' Shoes, Remedy, Speed Plus, Stamina Plus
2 Random Bard's Tunic, Blue Fang, Echo Grass, Hi-Potion, X-Potion
3 Random Mind Plus, Phoenix Down, Red Fang, Sage's Surplice, Stamina Plus
4 Random 700 Gil, Eye Drops, Giant's Tonic, Silver Apple, Turbo Ether
5 Floor 5 None
6 Random Blue Fang, Luck Plus, Red Curtain, Strength Tonic, Thief's Gloves
7 Random 150 Gil, Faerie Tonic, Hermes' Shoes, Hi-Potion, Twist Headband
8 Random 250 Gil, Blue Curtain, Sage's Mitre, Power Plus, White Curtain
9 Random Emergency Exit, Ether, Giant's Tonic, Soma Drop, War Hammer
10 Floor 10 Ribbon

Two bosses are located on the lowest floor and two are located on the fifth floor. There are three different world map style floors, but you will only have to go through one.

The treasures listed are potential chests. The actual number of chests is determined by the specific map and the floor number. The deeper into the dungeon you go the more chests will appear. If the map has less than five chests, treasures will be randomly chosen from the list.


Floor Type* Layout** Environment Size Starting point Max. Chests
Patrols Minigame Closed Cavern Large Random (3) 4
Ruined Shrine Dungeon Field Shrine Large Random (2) 4
Tunnel Dungeon Closed Cavern Large Random (2) 3
Volcano A Dungeon Closed Volcano Medium Random (5) 2
Volcano B Dungeon Closed Volcano Medium Random (3) 3
Volcano C Dungeon Closed Volcano Medium Random (1) 4
Volcano D Dungeon Closed Volcano Large Fixed 5
World Map (v.1) Dungeon Endless Overworld Medium Fixed 5
World Map (v.2) Dungeon Endless Overworld Medium Fixed 5
World Map (v.3) Dungeon Endless Overworld Medium Fixed 5
Floor 5 Dungeon Closed Volcano Small Fixed 0
Floor 10 Dungeon Closed Volcano Small Fixed 1
*Dungeon = fighting, Town = interact with people, Minigame = solve puzzle
**Closed = area with defined rooms/sections, Field = open area, Endless = no edges



(click for larger view)

This room can be a bit of a pain since you really have to pay attention. There are no random encounters, but if you step on specific spots, you will have to fight a battle of common enemies. While the groups are larger than usual, they are still very easy and you can run away. You can tell which spots have encounters because they sparkle every second or so. Just take your time and watch the floors. Making matters more complicated, the caves are filled with random people who will walk back and forth on a specific path. To get around them, just wait for an opening and duck in. It is best not to dash when trying to get in since you might overshoot the spot.

Ruined Shrine[edit]

Ruined Shrine
(click for larger view)

This can be one of the most aggravating rooms in the Chasm. It's similar to the volcano-type rooms in the sense that there are tiles where you take damage, however there are many differences that make it harder. First, there are only a handful of "safe" tiles on the floor; most are hazardous. Second, standing still on a hazard tile will cause continual damage, unlike lava that only damaged you when you moved onto it. Third, you get random encounters on any tile, not just the safe ones (and the enemies are stronger than on the volcano floors). Finally, there's about ninety million bats flying around erratically that get in your way. While the bats themselves don't attack, they block your movement, causing you to take more damage from the tiles. There are two treasure rooms in the northwest, and the exit is in the northeast. To get there, head down to the south edge, then travel east until you can go north again. Then east, then north, then take the east branch and go north to the stairs.


(click for larger view)

A very large, but easy floor - it is basically a straight path. The exit is at the southernmost point, and you start somewhere in the north or middle. At the opposite end of the tunnel is a single treasure chest, and the other two are in plain sight on the way to the exit. From the start, simply head south and follow the path to the end. To make things even easier, the encounter rate is very low and the enemies that show up are the weaker ones.

Volcano A[edit]

Volcano A
(click for larger view)

A fairly large lava field, this floor is reminiscent of Mt. Gulg. While you will take minor damage from walking on the lava, you do not face any random encounters in the lava. Keep an eye on your HP, use an item that casts Healara when you get in a fight, and make your way to the lower west side of the map from the northwest.

Volcano B[edit]

Volcano B
(click for larger view)

One of the smallest and simplest lava mazes in the Chasm, the exit is located in the dead center. There are chests located on either edge, but it is quite a walk, so unless you're on a level that contains rare equipment, just run straight to the exit.

Volcano C[edit]

Volcano C
(click for larger view)

A long, but fairly straight-forward walk. Head to the northeast corner of the map, and then head south and back west until you find the stairs in the lower western section of the floor. There's more lava here than the other volcano-type floors, but that means fewer random encounters. Just watch your health.

Volcano D[edit]

Volcano D
(click for larger view)

Styled after the second basement of Mount Gulg, you have to navigate your way through a maze to find the exit. Since it all happens indoors, you'll get a normal amount of random encounters. Once you get inside, head as far north and then as far west as you can. Head south a bit and take the first easter passage that you can find. Follow it east and south until you hit the southern wall, then go back up north and back down to get to the exit door.

World Map[edit]

A fun floor that is a miniature world map. There are three different versions, but the method of getting through them is basically the same. First, find a ship, which is somewhat close to where you start. Once you're aboard sail until you find a pirate named Thule (he looks exactly like Bikke). Once you talk to him, he'll mention treasure that requires an airship to get to and complain that he needs a Levistone. Sound familiar? After that (you have to talk to Thule before you can get the airship), head to a desert with a lone tree. Go up to the tree and hit the A button to receive your airship. Unfortunately you have to watch the same animation that you did when you got the real airship every time you do this floor. After that, fly around and pick up any treasure chests and then find the exit (it looks like the entrance to the Marsh Cave).

Version 1[edit]

This version is primarily one continent with many lakes, so most of the walkable areas are narrow strips of land. You'll be able to identify it by the fact that you start out on a narrow strip of land on the northeastern shore of a lake near the ocean and a river.

  • Start: Northwestern corner of main continent
  • Ship: Walk around the western edge of the lake, through the mountains, and once you get to a small desert, head west to the dock.
  • Thule: Sail south from the dock, around the forested island, and continue east until you see the dock.
  • Airship: From Thule's island, sail directly south to the next dock you see. Get out and walk south, then northeast, then continue east until you see a large mountain range. Go around the eastern side of the mountains and head south until you get to the desert with the tree. "Talk" to the tree.
  • Exit: Directly west of the tree is a small island only accessible by air.
Version 2[edit]

This version has many more small islands in addition to a main continent. If you start out in a forest, this is the version you're going through.

  • Start: Northwest corner in a forest near marshland and mountains.
  • Ship: Head south, through the forest, mountains, and marsh, and then follow the coastline east until you reach the dock.
  • Thule: You can't sail to him, so don't get in the ship just yet. Continue east a bit, then south through the desert. At the small group of mountains, take the east branch, then head south when you reach the marshland. Head west until you find Thule.
  • Airship: Head back to the ship dock. Simply follow the coastline, going around the continent in a clockwise manner until you see the island with the tree.
  • Exit: Directly east of the airship island. It has a dock so if you're not interested in treasure, you can just leave as soon as you get your ship.
Version 3[edit]

This version consists of one big, very mountainous continent and a few very small islands. You start out in a marshland surrounded by mountains.

  • Start: Northwest corner in a marshland.
  • Ship: Follow the path east until you get to the river system. Canoe straight south until you reach the ship docked at the river mouth.
  • Thule: Directly west of the ship is a dock. Sail to it and then walk north a bit until you reach him.
  • Airship: From the dock, head east and then go under a bridge. Continue to the dock then walk east then south to the river. Continue south until you reach the desert.
  • Exit: Directly north of the desert; reachable by canoe.


Floor 5[edit]

Floor 5
(click for larger view)

A very simple floor with two bosses, head north to fight Scarmiglione or south to fight Cagnazzo.

Floor 10[edit]

Floor 10
(click for larger view)

A very simple floor with two bosses. At the fork in the road (the lava), head west to fight Rubicante or east to fight Barbariccia. You can get a fourth Ribbon after beating Rubicante, so it is recommended that you fight him first.


See the enemies page for details on each monster.
Enemy Volcanoes Caverns Overworlds Shrine
Black Goblin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blue Troll No No Yes No
Catoblepas Yes No Yes Yes
Dark Elemental No No Yes Yes
Death Elemental No No Yes Yes
Devil Hound No No No Yes
Elm Gigas No No Yes No
Gloom Widow Yes Yes Yes No
Hundlegs No No No Yes
Poison Naga No No Yes No
Python No No Yes No
Sahagin Queen No No Yes No
Silver Dragon No No No Yes
Wild Nakk Yes Yes No No
Yellow Ogre No No Yes No


The Hellfire Chasm has four new bosses, which Final Fantasy fans might recognize from Final Fantasy IV. Scarmiglione and Cagnazzo reside on the fifth floor and Barbariccia and Rubicante are on the tenth.

Note: All bosses are strong against Quake, Stone, Death, Time, and Poison. Additionally, you will receive no Gil or EXP for defeating them.

Scarmiglione Scarmiglione Cagnazzo Barbariccia Rubicante
HP 4000 7046 7968 12954 15000
Attack 19 46 44 88 88
Accuracy 50 40 80 100 150
Defense 10 20 20 10 40
Agility 10 10 20 60 50
Intelligence 160 100 55 60 65
Evasion 10 10 5 60 30
Magic Defense 140 140 180 190 220
(see note)
None Ice Ice Lightning Ice, Fire
Weaknesses None Fire, Dia Lightning None None
Treasure None Lunar Curtain Light Curtain Braveheart Kikuichimonji
Location Floor 5, north room Floor 5, north room Floor 5, south room Floor 10, east room Floor 10, west room