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The teleporting gate in the lower-right corner of Machanon connects to a copy of the Chamber of the Seal, where another copy of the Ultima Tome can be obtained.

The Four Crystals[edit]

Don't rush to the golden crystal in the center: there are four silver-gray ones in the room.

Indeed, a Final Fantasy video game is complete only if there are four crystals with the Aristotelian elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Talk to the four crystals, and each one will grant a bonus of +10 to a specific attribute of one of your characters at random. Therefore, save before talking to the crystals and, if you're unhappy with the character choice, just reload your game.

  • The Fire crystal gives Strength +10;
  • The Air crystal gives Dexterity +10;
  • The Water crystal gives Intelligence +10;
  • The Earth crystal gives Wisdom +10.

Now, for a little spoiler, you should know that later every character will find a weapon that maximizes some attributes, therefore this can direct the optimal assignment of the Crystals bonuses.

  • Minwu should receive the Fire Strength bonus, because his final weapon is the only one that will not maximize strength.
  • Scott should receive the Earth Wisdom bonus, because his final weapon will maximize his intelligence already, while wisdom will enhance his Cure and Life spells.
  • Josef should receive the Air Dexterity bonus, because he's generally the slowest of the four.
  • Ricard should receive the Water Intelligence bonus, that will make him more effective using spellcasting weapons (or any black spell learnt during the main game).

The Ultima Crystal[edit]

Approach the Ultima Crystal, and it will test if you're worth of it by attacking under the shape of a Ultima Weapon. This enemy is Rank 7, as most bosses, has no elemental weaknesses and a whopping 15000 HP. Let Minwu cast his five protectve spells on the whole party and Scott cast his three support spells (Berserk, Haste and Aura), then you'll easily show that you're worth the Ultima Tome.

Minwu should discard a spell to make room for the Ultima (not to mention Holy and Mini). Some suggestions: Silence and Sap are weaker versions of Fog; Esuna and Basuna can be replaced by items frquently dropped by enemies, including Ribbons; Fear is seldom useful. These are five already, and you need to free three slots only.

There are no random encounters here, so you can head back to Machanon and continue to the unknown palace.