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The Earthgift Shrine is located between Castle Cornelia and the Chaos Shrine. The cave entrance is in plain sight along the western mountain range on the way to the Shrine. Access is granted once players have defeated the Fiend of Earth, the Lich.

Inside, a lone dwarf keeps watch over the entrance area and warns you of monsters beyond the door. If you haven't defeated the Lich, he merely comments on the evil stench coming from within.


Floor Map Treasure
1 Random Hi-Potion, Remedy, Spider's Silk, White Curtain
2 Random Blue Curtain, Kenpogi, Vampire Fang, White Fang
3 Random Black Cowl, Potion, Protect Drink, Speed Drink
4 Random Ether, Elven Cloak, Red Fang, Silver Apple
5 Floor 5 Megaelixir

All four bosses are located on the lowest floor. Since there are only four random maps, you will have to go through all of them once. Fortunately three of them are small, and there are no mini-games.

The treasures listed are potential chests. The actual number of chests is determined by the specific map and the floor number. The deep into the dungeon you go the more chests will appear. If the map has less than five chests, treasures will be randomly chosen from the list.


Floor Type* Layout** Environment Size Starting point Max. Chests
Cave A Dungeon Closed Cave Small Fixed 2
Cave B Dungeon Closed Cave Small Random (2) 3
Desert Dungeon Endless Desert Medium Random (10+) 4
Forest Dungeon Closed Forest Large Fixed 4
Floor 5 Dungeon Closed Cave Small Fixed 1
*Dungeon = fighting, Town = interact with people, Minigame = solve puzzle
**Closed = area with defined rooms/sections, Field = open area, Endless = no edges


Cave A[edit]

Cave A
(click for larger view)

It's hard to get lost here, as there's only one path. Follow the path and grab any treasure chests you see along the way. The entrance is in the lower middle portion of the room. The stairs down are located in the upper right corner of the room. It's also possible for the entrance and exit to be reversed.

Cave B[edit]

Cave B
(click for larger view)

This small level is a bit bigger than the other cave floor and has a single forking path that result in a dead end. Check the two side paths near the entrance for treasure chests and then make your way to the exit in the upper left corner of the room to proceed.


You start seemingly in the middle of nowhere in the desert, and your starting point is completely random. Pick a direction to wander and keep an eye out for formations of three trees. These form directional arrows intended to guide you to the exit. Treasure chests can occasionally be found near trees as well. Keep following the arrows until you reach an oasis with a nearby staircase and exit down. Try and get a feel for the general layout for subsequent visits so you can find the exit without following the arrows, as they will take you on a very indirect route. The oasis is located in the "center" of the map, though there are no actual edges since all four sides loop around (similar to how the world map works).


(click for larger view)

This basement level will keep you busy. As soon as you enter, you can spot the exit, but you'll need to go around the long way to get to it. Your path will be roughly circular along a counter-clockwise route. Most forking paths will be dead ends, although some may contain treasure chests. Not surprisingly, you need to make the widest possible loop to get to the exit. This level is distinctive in that monsters are visible on the screen blocking your path. Clear them out of your path by walking near one and pressing A to engage. Continue in your circular pattern towards the exit. You'll know you're close when you spot a lone grave.


Floor 5[edit]

Floor 5
(click for larger view)

This basement is a fixed layout and contains no random enemies. There is one treasure chest that is blocked by one of the bosses; the chest contains a megalixer. All four new bosses reside on this level. Enter a room, approach one of the flames, and press A to engage a boss. Upon defeating a boss, you are forced to exit to the surface.


Enemy Caves Desert Forest
Abyss Worm* No Yes No
Black Goblin Yes Yes Yes
Catoblepas No Yes No
Desertpede No Yes Yes
Gloom Widow Yes Yes Yes
Skuldier No No Yes
Wild Nakk Yes No No
*rare enemy and more powerful than others in the dungeon


The fifth floor is home to four new bosses, which Final Fantasy fans might recognize from Final Fantasy III. Players will need to run through the entirety of the Earthgift Shrine four times in order to fight all four new bosses.

Note: All bosses are strong against everything and weak against nothing. Additionally, you will receive no Gil or EXP for defeating them.

2-Headed Dragon Ahriman Cerberus Echidna
HP 4500 5000 4000 4800
Attack 60 60 40 50
Accuracy 50 65 60 50
Defense 50 50 50 50
Agility 30 30 50 30
Intelligence 10 50 40 30
Evasion 30 25 50 1
Magic Defense 50 100 60 70
Treasure Bard's Tunic Dry Ether Kotesu X-Potion
Location Floor 5, northwest room Floor 5, northeast room Floor 5, southwest room Floor 5, southeast room