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The first place you'll take your new partner is a party being thrown by a rich industrialist's spoiled son, named Gordi Kramer. You're suspicious of him because he was once questioned about the disappearance of a little boy.

Find Gordi[edit]

At the driveway, the guards let you in with a nod at your invitation, and you'll walk up to the front door while explaining what you're doing there to Lauren. Go inside and see the raging party throughout the lower level of the house. You're on the lookout for Gordi, and there are a lot of possible interactions. You can go outside to the pool area, look around the party, get hassled to sell a guy drugs, or have a drink, just to name a few. In the meantime, Lauren will take a seat on a couch while you do your stuff. Gordi's nowhere to be found, but you should note the stairs going up the second floor are blocked off by guards. Before you can get past them, you'll need to go over and interact. You can choose any option to try and talk your way through, but they won't budge.

The two ways to get past them are to enlist Lauren's aid, or use a drunk partygoer as a distraction. Walk up to Lauren and you'll ask her how she's doing. The next time you talk to her, you'll tell her you can't get past the goons blocking the stairs. If you accept her offer to help, she'll go over and dance seductively by them before pretending to pass out. If you don't want to get Lauren involved, you can get the drunk guy in white hanging out by a pillar in the middle of the room to attack someone else. Start off by talking with him, then pour him a drink from a bottle on the floor. After that, he's your new best friend and will attack another guest when you tell him the guy made rude comments about his mom. Whichever method you choose, while the guards are distracted, walk by them and head up the stairs.

Confront Gordi[edit]

Tough Guy
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Tough Guy
Win the fight against Gordi's bodyguards.

Upstairs you can go out on balconies and look down at the party below, but eventually you'll want to enter the first set of double doors you come to (the other doors won't open). Inside you'll find Gordi on the couch watching a cartoon while two girls are making out next to him. Walk over to the side of him and introduce yourself. He's too distracted by the show to pay attention to you, but be persistent and eventually he'll send the girls out and respond to you when you tell him you're there about the little boy that went missing. You can choose any speech options in this part, and eventually he'll admit to the being the Origami Killer. After that, his two bodyguards will try to escort you off the premises.

This starts a quicktime sequence where you'll battle the two guys while Gordi watches and laughs. There's no giving in from the beginning and letting them quietly show you out. If you don't do anything, you'll still start fighting them, so it's either beat them or be beaten. Once the issue is settled, you'll receive a final warning from Gordi about his rich father's effectiveness in taking care of his problems, and then the chapter ends.