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You're back on the case as Scott Shelby, and you're now arriving at a dirty little house to interview Susan Bowles. She's the mother of the latest victim, the one you investigated during Crime Scene as Jayden.

Save the girl[edit]

No one answers the front door, so you can skip it and go straight to the back door on the opposite side of the house. When no one answers your knock there either, enter the house and head to the bedroom in the back, stopping to look at the suicide note on the floor if you like. In the bedroom, listen in at the bathroom door, then bust it in to reveal Jennifer Bowles soaking in the bloody bathwater of her suicide attempt. Perform the combo instructions to pick her up, then walk her over to the bed and put her down. She doesn't want to go to the hospital, so head back into the bathroom and grab some first aid supplies and take them back to her.

First you'll need to blot the blood on her wrist with the gauze patch, then apply some disinfectant and wrap the wound. When you've taken care of her arm, you can talk to her about what's going on, but she's suddenly worried about her baby. You need to get some information out of her, which will be impossible until you can quiet the crying infant. Head out of the bedroom and back into the living room, stopping to wash your hands in the sink on the way out if you want.

Take care of Emily[edit]

Baby Master
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Baby Master
Don't make any mistakes while caring for the baby.

The baby is in a crib by the window, and if you didn't wash your hands before, you'll be prompted to when you try to pick the baby up. You can wash them in the kitchen sink, or go back into the bedroom bathroom. When your hands are clean, pick up the baby to find that she needs her diaper changed. This process consists of holding down combo instructions while moving Neutral rstick in the indicated directions. When Emily's all cleaned up, you'll put her down and try to get back to business, but she's not yet satisfied.

Head into the kitchen or ask the mom what's going on and she'll tell you about the bottle in there. Stick the baby bottle in the warmer, then grab it when it's done and head back out to Emily. Hold Up rstick until the bottle is completely empty, through multiple camera angles. Burp the baby by tapping Circle button, then rock the baby with the indicated motions. The final step is to gently lay the baby back down in the crib. If you're not playing on easy, the rocking instructions and putting her down will be slowly unfolding, so switch difficulty settings if you're having trouble getting the trophy.

All done[edit]

Now that the baby is quiet, go back into the bedroom to finish talking with the mother. You'll find that another father has run off after the Origami Killer abducted his son, but Susan remembers that he received a cell phone around that time. She kept it, so go back out into the living room and look in the drawers next to the baby's crib. With the new piece of evidence, you can leave, going out either door.