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You're back at the police station, in control of Norman Jayden, who is waiting outside the chief's office to introduce himself. In this chapter you get an office and you'll be introduced to the other functionality of ARI as well as Jayden's drug problem.

Get settled in[edit]

You have to sit outside the chief's office for a set period of time, and you have limited options while you wait. You can ask the secretary how long it's going to be, adjust your legs or use ARI to play virtual handball until the chief comes out. He'll go talk to his secretary, who will introduce you. When you have control again, you can follow the chief while he talks to you and try tying his tie. If you don't bother to follow him, you don't have to—he'll skip right to telling you to check in with the secretary. However you decide to do it, when you have that bit of information, you're ready to go talk to her or explore the station.

When you head over to the secretary's desk, you'll notice a gold watch on display, with a sign indicating everyone should pitch in for Larry's gift; all cops on the force get the same gold watch when they make lieutenant. After you decide whether to pitch a couple buck in, the secretary will show you to your dump of an office. When you're in there alone, you can set up by clearing off the desk and pushing it up against the wall. Sit down in the chair to begin going over the clues you found at the crime scene.

Get to work[edit]

In this mode, ARI acts as a complete virtual reality system, where the real world is completely blocked out. After choosing an environment that suits you, tug the controller right to go back to the main menu. You'll need to examine pretty much everything before you'll be given the option to quit, as you're preparing notes for an upcoming brief and you'll need something to talk about. Start with the clues (Right rstick) or the files (Left rstick), and perform analysis (Up rstick) and geoanalysis (Down rstick) on everything. You won't find out anything terribly helpful, but you'll at least work up a basic profile of the killer and get acquainted with the facts to date. When you're done, you'll see the option to exit in the main menu.

After researching with ARI, you'll be hit by triptocaine withdrawals. Everything will be shaky and you'll have a hard time keeping it together, but head to the door of your office. There you'll get a choice between taking a hit of the drug, or resisting. If you give in, you'll stay in your office getting high, otherwise you'll go outside. Press and hold Square button to hide your tremors and try to walk over to the bathroom on your left as you exit your office. If you take too much time or walk around without holding in your shaking hands, you'll rush into the bathroom and start snorting up the drug to get yourself under control. If you make it into the bathroom, use the sink and eventually the withdrawals will subside.

Report Shaun's disappearance[edit]

Got To Remember!
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Got To Remember!
Answer all the questions about Shaun at the park correctly.
# 4:15
  1. Beige (jacket)
  2. Green (pants)

Ethan has come to the station to report his son's disappearance. If you successfully avoided taking the triptocaine, Jayden will join Ash and Blake while they question Ethan. They need very specific information to help them find your son, so try to answer as accurately as possible. You'll need to come up with the time you got to the park and the color of Shaun's jacket and pants. You can answer however you like; no one ever calls you on it if you get it wrong. After that you'll have to explain why you took so long to make a report (also doesn't matter how you answer), and then you'll be free to go talk to your wife and end the chapter.

Other options[edit]

There are a bunch of things to look at around the police station, including a map, holding cells, the bathroom, etc. If you tie the chief's tie correctly he'll thank you, otherwise he's a bit snarky. When he's in the news conference, you can go listen to him as well. There's also some coffee in the break area you can try. If you were able to avoid taking any drugs, you'll also be able to ask Ethan a few questions during his report.