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This chapter is only available if you survived The Doc with Madison. If so, you found out that the apartment was being rented to Paco, the owner of the Blue Lagoon nightclub. You'll want to ask him some questions, but first you'll need to find him and get him alone.

Get Paco's attention[edit]

You can go to the bathroom and walk around, and there are a few places where you can find out where Paco is. The bodyguard at the top of the stairs on the side of the club will tell you, the bartender on the far side of the club will tell you, or the bouncer at the VIP section will tell you. When you walk in, he's in the VIP section to the left, as soon as you get into the main area past the bathrooms. If you talk to the bouncer or try to walk in, you'll be told you can't see Paco. After you try, you'll see that Paco calls in a girl dancing on one of the white platforms near him. This is how you can get an invite into the VIP section too, but you won't draw his attention dressed as conservatively as you start out.

Make your way to the women's bathroom (marked with a symbol in pink neon). Walk over to the sinks and put your bag down to start sprucing up your look. Tear the bottom half of you skirt off by pressing Down rstick, then tugging the controller in the indicated directions, unbutton the top of your shirt and mess your hair up a little by shaking the controller. You can also apply eyeliner and lipstick by digging into your purse and following the instructions, which are slowly unfolding ones on difficulties other than easy. When you're done, step back and admire yourself, then head back out to the dance floor. Get up onto the white platform the girl before you was on, and press Cross button to start dancing. Complete the quicktime sequence satisfactorily, and Paco will call you over, replacing the other girl.

Question Paco[edit]

Pride Saved
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Pride Saved
Knock out Paco with the lamp at the first opportunity.

When you go in to see Paco, you'll ask him if you can go somewhere more private to talk. Follow him upstairs and go down the hallway to his office. Once inside, he'll take your purse that has the gun in it, and bring you over to the couch to dance for him. You'll have a few options to try talking your way out of it, but when you finally say you're going to leave, he'll pull out his gun and tell you to get started. Your options are to unbutton your shirt, or take your skirt off. Once you do one or the other, you'll have the option to consider the lamp. You can let yourself get all the way down to just your underwear, but eventually you'll need to knock him out with the lamp. Whether it's forced on you, or you choose it as soon as it's available, tilt the controller left and right to start dancing sexily, then turn around and bend down to distract Paco. Grab up the lamp and bash his head with it by performing the indicated instruction.

You'll tie Paco up to a chair with duct tape, and then you'll need to slap him awake with three increasingly hard shots to the face with left tugs on the controller. When he comes to, use any options you want until his bodyguard comes to the door to check on him. You'll have two choices, either of which works to send the guard on his way. After that, perform the combo instructions to squeeze the information you want out of Paco, and he'll give you John Sheppard's name. Having got what you came for, you'll leave the office. Walk back down the hall, down the stairs to the dance floor and back out the way you came.

If Jayden is still alive, you'll move on to Fish Tank, otherwise you'll go straight to On the Loose.