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Mac OS
The console image for Mac OS.
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Mac OS is the proprietary operating system designed by Apple for their Mac computer systems. It was also used in the short-lived Pippin. Its tenth iteration, OS X, has helped the Mac increase in popularity. Due to Microsoft's dominance of the home computing market very few commercial games are released for Mac OS. In the early days of Mac OS some games were exclusive (such as Myst and Marathon), but most of these were later ported to Windows due to its large and eager player base. Some developers still actively support Mac OS alongside Windows (such as BioWare and Epic Games); Mac ports of Windows games are often handled by a different developer, and tend to be released much later (sometimes as much as six months after the original Windows release).

In addition to official releases many Windows games can be played under OS X using Darwine[1] or CrossOver Games[2]; Intel-based Macs can also use programs such as Apple's Boot Camp[3] to run Windows on a Mac and gain access to all of its games and applications.


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