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Though this is a good place to visit the first time around, it will be even better later on, after you beat the Elite Four. This place has the works of a good location: rich trainers, items to grab, and a good spot for catching wild Pokémon.


  • TM87: Swagger
  • Great Ball


Note that all cash earnings are with the Amulet Coin.

  • Gentleman Jeremy
Pokémon Type Level Cash Earned(After Elite Four)
ChatotPokemon 441Chatot.png Normal/Flying 60 24,000
  • Socialite Reina
Pokémon Type Level(After Elite Four) Cash Earned(After Elite Four)
RoseliaPokemon 315Roselia.png Grass/Poison 60 24,000
  • Rich Boy Jason
Pokémon Type Level Cash Earned
LuxioPokemon 404Luxio.png Electric 19 6,080
  • Lady Melissa
Pokémon Type Level(After Elite Four) Cash Earned(After Elite Four)
LopunnyPokemon 428Lopunny.png Normal 40,60 12,800, 19,200

Inside the Mansion[edit]

Before the Elite Four[edit]

You can visit two main places inside the mansion: the owner's room and the Trophy Garden. Head to the right and go in the first room to get to the owner's room. In the it you can find the TM containing Swagger. Talk to the owner and he will brag about his mansion.

You can also visit the Trophy Garden, a place to catch wild Pokémon. You can reach it by going straight after you enter the mansion. Here you will find the following Pokémon:

Pokémon Type Levels
StaraviaPokemon 397Staravia.png Normal/Flying 15-17
RoseliaPokemon 315Roselia.png Grass/Poison 14-17
KricketunePokemon 402Kricketune.png Bug 14-17
PikachuPokemon 025Pikachu.png Electric 16-18
PichuPokemon 172Pichu.png Electric 14-16

You can also visit the maid's rooms to get a Soothe Bell (from one of the maids) and a Burn Heal (found in a trash can).

After the Elite Four[edit]

After you beat the Elite Four, the only thing new is rare Pokémon in the Trophy Garden. Visit the owner once a day to find out what type of rare Pokémon can be found. The following is a list of some of the Pokémon that can be found:

Name Type
ChanseyPokemon 113Chansey.png Normal
Mime Jr.Pokemon 439Mime Jr..png Psychic
BonslyPokemon 438Bonsly.png Rock
CastformPokemon 351Castform.png Normal
HappinyPokemon 440Happiny.png Normal
EeveePokemon 133Eevee.png Normal
MeowthPokemon 052Meowth.png Normal
PorygonPokemon 137Porygon.png Normal
PluslePokemon 311Plusle.png Electric
MinunPokemon 312Minun.png Electric

These Pokémon have a rare chance of appearing. The last two Pokémon Backlot mentions are the only ones that can be found; the third Pokémon replaces the first one.