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Nintendo GameCube
The logo for Nintendo GameCube.
The console image for Nintendo GameCube.
Total Games651 (305 present)
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The Nintendo GameCube is Nintendo's fourth home gaming system. It sports the following features:

  • Four controller ports
  • Two memory card slots
  • Online play.
  • Room for an optional broadband adapter for LAN
  • Can attach an optional Game Boy player
  • Comes in three colours: black, purple, and silver

The GameCube is succeeded by Wii, which can also play GameCube game discs and supports several GameCube controllers and accessories.

Q Multimedia Console
The console image for Q Multimedia Console.
ManufacturerMatsushita, Nintendo

The Q Multimedia Console is a GameCube with the ability to play DVDs, audio CDs, MP3 CDs as well as several other features, but is only available in Japan and was released in small quantities.


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