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  • A 0 D 6 MV 5

They're, well, civilians. If they get attacked, they cower, do nothing, and will probably all die. Oftentimes the mission depends on their survival. They're always led by a low-level cleric.


  • A 19 D 12 MV 6

Enemy's weakest unit. Their attack is okay, but their defense is horrible. Sending a fighter against them will rip them to shreds before they even get close.


  • A 20 D 14 MV 5(6 imperial) 40P

Basic soldier type. You'll see them a lot early on.


  • A 23 D 19 MV 6 70P

A more powerful soldier. They are much better than the enemy's version of the Berserker.


  • A 24 D 15 MV 6 (Imperial only)

Armored Soldier[edit]

  • A 25 D 22 MV 5 140P

The best soldier money can buy.

Dark Guard[edit]

  • AT 30 DF 25 MV 6

The best soldier in the game. They cannot be recruited.


  • A 18(17 imperial) D 18 MV 5 50P

Basic spear type. Due to the stupidity of your opponents, you will also see a lot of these early on. They get wrecked by soldiers.


  • A 22(20 Imperial) D 22(23 Imperial) MV 5 100P

A more advanced spear unit. Note that although soldiers and horsemen have 3 levels of units, the phalanx is as far as spearmen go for you. The almighty computer, of course, gets golems.


  • A 23 D 28 MV 4

The most advanced spear unit in the game. A major pain to kill, even soldiers can have trouble if they're not powered up enough.


  • A 24(22 imperial) D 15(14 imperial) MV 10 60P

Basic mounted unit. Extremely mobile, although they're slowed in forests, and very strong. They're great against pretty much anything but pikemen.

Heavy Horseman[edit]

  • A 26(27 imperial) D 19 MV 9 110P

Less mobile, but what it loses in speed it more than makes up for in power.


  • A 27 D 21 MV 8 180P

Your best mounted unit, and probably best all around mercenary in the game.

Royal Horseman[edit]

  • A 34 D 23 MV 13

The strongest horsemen in the game. They are both heavy and fast. No, of course you can't have them.

Hell Hound[edit]

  • A 24 D 22 MV 9

Horsemen-type units led by a cerberus. They get bonuses in forests and mountains like werewolves.

Bone Dino[edit]

  • A 26 D 24 MV 8

These are the horseman type units that the monsters generally use.


  • A 19 D 8 MV 6 100P Attack range: 3

The only unit in the game that gets bonuses against fliers. They don't do that well against ground units, but they're still okay at softening them up for the kill.

Dark Elf[edit]

  • A 20 D 8 MV 7 Attack range: 3

The imperial version of the elf. Theirs is better, of course.


  • AT 22 DF 10 MV 3(2 imperial) 250P Attack range: 6

Long range artillery units. Properly powered up and with a strong commander, they do decently against almost anything. Unfortunately, they're very slow, and weak against magic. You can make them faster using speed boots, but since most ballista characters are mages, it means you won't be able to use an orb.

Ballistae are not as good as elves against fliers since they don't get the special bonus, but they're still capable of killing griffins pretty easily. The imperial version looks more like a catapult, but they have the same name.


  • A 26(27 Imperial) D 13 (14 Imperial) MV 10 70P

Basic air unit. Attack power is very high, defense surprisingly decent because of the automatic +25% air bonus. A whole unit of griffins can sweep across a ground unit before half of them get a chance to attack. A very useful unit.


  • A 24 D 19 MV 12 200P

A flier with lower attack but higher defense. This makes them much better at taking out enemy catapults. Angels are also immune to offensive magic, so the mages commanding the catapults also won't be able to do anything against them.


  • A 25 D 21 MV 6

These things look like they fly, but they are not weak against archers. They move instead by teleporting, and can pass high walls. Unlike fliers, ground units are unable to attack them until they are literally right on top of them. They are weak only against monks.


  • A 28 D 22 MV 6

An advanced version of wraiths. They are immune to magic, and can cross unscalable walls the same way wraiths do. However, they fly like an ordinary griffin when they actually attack. Like wraiths, archers do not get a bonus against them, but monks do.


  • A 25 D 13 MV 10

The flier type unit that monsters use, essentially the same as griffin.

Vampire Bat[edit]

  • A 31 D 18 MV 6

Extremely powerful fliers. They are the only units in the game which show all ten of their hit points as a separate unit. Anything other than an archer or fast attack leader will be in for a world of pain.


  • A 24 D 6 MV 7

Imperial sea units.


  • A25 D 13 MV 8 70P

Your sea units. Merman are stronger, but both Merman and Lizardman suffer from the same low defense. Still, mermen are somewhat better than soldiers so you might find some use for them on land scenarios.


  • A 26 D 15 MV 6

The strongest sea unit in the game. When on land, it always gets 0% for the terrain bonus, even on high walls. Because of this, and their low defense to begin with, they're not that hard to defeat. You can never recruit one.


  • A 18 DF 12 MV 5 20P

Basic unit for magic users, the worst soldier type you can buy. They do get bonuses against slimes and dark units, though.


  • A 21 D 19 MV 6 100P

The game's only holy unit. They will likely become the troop for healers that replaces guardsmen. Unlike the guardsman, they are quite useful in combat. Think of them as somewhere between soldiers and gladiators. Also unlike guardsmen, they do not get bonuses vs. slimes, but slimes are so weak it doesn't really matter. Because of their bonus against dark units, monks remain useful throughout the entire game--few other early units have that distinction.

Wolf man[edit]

  • AT 19 DF 14 MV 7

The werewolf's followers. Like their leader, they are neither soldiers nor horsemen, and so have none of their advantages or disadvantages. They get a +20% bonus in forests or mountains, and move quickly over rough terrain.


  • A 20 D 20 MV 6

Smaller versions of great slime. They're essentially the same thing. Note that although their defense is high and their stats are similar to a spear unit, they are NOT spear units, so horsemen do decently against them.


  • A 20 D 12 MV 4

Their stats are horrible, but since they are led by necromancers, they can still be annoying on the attack. Best hit with holy units or archers. Their magic defense isn't that good either.


  • A 22 D 14 MV 4

Slightly more powerful than skeletons. Same sort of strategy works against them.


  • AT 33 DF 24 MV 7

This is, quite simply, the most powerful troop in the game. Anything other than a monk will probably end up trading 1 for 1 with them, or worse. Their attacks rarely fail to hit home. If you don't have monks, your best bet is to hit them with other troops and hope they run out before you do. Fast attack (ground) heroes also do well.